Feeling terrible when I wake with stage 4

I wondered if anyone feels terrible when they wake up. Its had to explain what the feeling is like, a bit sick, legs and arms trembling inside, aching, not flue like, well, just like perhaps an overdose of very rich food even though I dont eat that. I am stage 4 which is cirrhosis and have to eat carbs before bedrime due to muscle wastage but even when I don't eat anything then I still feel awful. Gets better during the day.

Thanks for help.

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  • please, tell me more about this achey arms and legs? How did they test for muscle wastage? And what kind of carbs do you eat for that?

    I've had muscle aches and weakness for years, they keep ignoring my complaints. I don't eat simple carbs. Rarely complex carbs. I thought protein helped muscles. I understand with the compromised liver protein probably isn't good for you. Is this correct? Thinking of you.


  • Hi

    I also wake feeling terrible bit like a bad hangover. I also at stage 4

  • Hi i have had PBC for a year now and sometimes i wake with head fuzzy feeling general unwell but cannot explain it. Hate the sick feeling it effects my eyes blurred vision by afternoon start to feel better. I find that i shake and unsteady on my feet. Dr don't want to know ask your consultant as if you can contact him like a click of my finger. I Just live with it.

  • I also feel hungover when I wake up despite drinking no alcohol. It's worse if I have an evening meal. It seems to improve after forcing down some breakfast. My liver condition has not yet been diagnosed despite high ALP, ALT, and GGT.

  • I was diagnosed 3 years ago at stage 2. Just found out Friday that I've now progressed to stage 4. The doctor told me to eat a high protein diet as it helps with losing muscle mass and wasting. She said they used to recommend low protein, but that has changed. Also low salt, b vitamins, coenzyme q10, calcium with vitamin d. I'm gonna see a nutritionist to get some help in figuring this diet out ...

  • Kghon, what did your nutritionist tell you?

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