Had ultrasound today and now I'm even more sore than I was

I've been sore in my right side and actually sore all across my upper abdomen now. I am ok in the morning, though by the end of the day I'm really sore. The ultrasound didn't really hurt too bad, but it was uncomfortable. Is anyone here sore all the time like this, or does it come in flares? I know I've been sore like this before, even years ago, but now that I know about PBC and my tests, just concerned. Sorry if I seem like I'm pumping you guys with information, but the person I would ask, my mom, is not longer alive. Thanks

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  • Hiya I get sore but mainly as flare ups. The reason I was given is because I have raised lymph glands on the bile duct between the liver and pancreas. One consultant told me it was that which was causing the pain another told me it was wind. Go figure:-)

  • Hi. I sometimes get a pain on my right side, just under the ribs, that radiates through to my back, but it never feels "sore", more of a dull ache. I have ultrasound scans every March and none of them have ever been uncomfortable, just a cold shock initially from the gel! :) Maybe you have a little inflammation going on at the mo? Remember what I mentioned to you before, that stress can also manifest in weird aches and pains. Take it easy and have a relaxing day, off work if need be x

  • Hi NotorDJP,

    It's okay, don't worry about asking, that's the beauty of this site: that we can all help, advise and support each other. When you see your GP to discuss the ultrasound tell him about the pains rather than continuing to worry. Meanwhile, I can confirm that I get similar sorts of pains at this time of year when my annual bloods are due. In my case I know it is stress, and I agree with LouWooda that it may be the case for you. Treat yourself, try to rela if you can, and make sure you are getting a good diet and lots of exercise. I know that yoga, going to the gym, regularly and losing some weight, got rid of most of my aches and pains. I was assuming they were either menopausal or warnings of finally getting full-blown PBC, but it turned out to be bad posture and poor muscle tone, and I've felt fantastic for the last 2 years (A little creaky right now as I've missed the gym for 2 months 'cos of Xmas, holiday and now 'flu).

    Take care and cosset yourself.

  • Sorry, are you sore and tender under your ribs? Could be costochondritis....

  • Hi, I have been getting exactly the same symptoms as you. I also had an ultrasound which was quite uncomfortable because of the soreness. My symptoms began over a year ago and got really bad, to the stage where I couldn't move and breath properly. I was diagnosed with costochondritis - inflimation of the rib cartilage. It did go away but is now back but not as bad as before, and what you must do if you have this is, REST and do NOT overdo it...you have to rest because anything physical makes it worst. I do also have Fibromyalgia, which I was just diagnosed recently. I would go back to your GP. Good luck! X

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. My doctor told me year ago (my old doctor) that I may have costochondritis and the only way to treat was to take loads of ibruprofen, which I did and continued to do when I would get that familar ache. Can't do that anymore due to the liver. So I use heatpad, rest and stretching. Actually stretching does help the pain sometimes. I've had this tenderness, soreness before. I had it in 2011 when my ALP was first elevated and I started getting tested. Nobody went any further than the Ultrasound at that time, which was normal. My ALP was 119 then 143, which was pretty low in comparison to what it is now. If would have known about the PBC then, (never thought the fact my mother had it meant anything until recently) I would have pushed for more bloods. At that time I would have been in either stage 0 or early 1. I could still be in stage 1, but I know for a fact my ALP continued to rise after that to where it is now. As far as stress and worry, the muscle pain does seem to coincide more with that. I realize that, but was worrying now that it was the PBC. Thanks all for your insights. I have several days off from work so I will rest. I have my doctor appointment first thing tomorrow morning.

  • Could be liver capsule pain! Positive thinking helps! I've started yoga it helps to focus your mind on relaxing and away from the uncomfortableness x

  • Seems my pain has gotten better. I started my period on Saturday and most of the upper bloat has gone away, along with the back pain. I have a fibroid on the high side of my uterus that has been growing somewhat and I wonder if that is what was causing all that ache, maybe along with a slight amount of liver inflammation. Wild what our body will do!

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