Positive mental attitude just washed away by Hospital Consultant

Don't want people to feel sorry for me but needed to vent my feelings out to the big wide world. Have Crohn's disease, pbc and early menopause so can't have children but have good life and work full time. Always try and stay positive and everything going well until I saw consultant today. Liver doing well and crohns under control which in wonderful. apparently I'm obese and unless I do something dramatic I will be dead in a few years not from my illnesses above but due to my weight. I am fat but not overly (size 18/20) Since taking urso I have pain in my legs and knees and she said that's caused by my weight and not tablets and that I should have a gastric band. With crohns I had to have a liquid diet for six weeks (500 calories) a day and put two pounds so no matter what I do I can't loose weight. Made to feel worthless and sat here crying thinking what's the point.

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  • Well one things for sure it wasn't my weight causing the pains in my knees and legs, it was a 7 stone weight loss that did that due to PBC and urso, so don't take it to heart just do your best. what consultant told you that? I would demand to see another one, I really feel for you and wish I could give you a hug and you are not worthless have a darn good cry blow your nose and sod them.

    XXX Linda

  • Thank you for your reply. No idea who the consultant was as never seen her before. Feel a bit better now and going to see my GP on Monday.

  • Was she a gastroenterologist or from some other department you go to ?

  • Yes she was a gastroenterologist but i see someone different each time I go to the Jr in Oxford. Don't have much faith in them if I'm honest. My gp is wonderful he wasn't that conversant with pbc but took the time to find out and even got booklets from the pbc foundation and did his own research. You really made me feel better so thank you x

  • Hi here are you on the Urso long? I know the yr before I was diagnosed I had a lot of joint pain but mine was mainly in my wrists and elbows but after a few weeks on the Urso this disappeared. I think what your dr meant to say was that the weight is probably making the pain worse not necessarily causing it. I know loosing weight is difficult but maybe if you joined a slimming club it might help to have the moral support of others to encourage you loosing some weight will help all aspects of your health in the long run. My sister and friend joined "Slimming World" and have found it really great. Best of luck and maybe the Urso will help with the pains given time too.

  • Big hugs... We all have our vents on here.. It's the best place to do it we can properly sympathise with you.. And we all have highs and lows.. . You sound like you are a strong lady who has overcome so much heartache and stress.. Sometimes you get the odd doc with a personality disorder.. Who doesn't humanise your appointment.. Sod them.. Tomorrow is a new day :-) x we're always here

  • I forgot to add most if them docs and nurses are lovely tho

  • Im over weight too and in reality you should try and loose it regardless

    I was told it would be difficult on Urso and it is

    My weight is the same as it was when I was first diagnosed ,. The issue really is to exercise - walk makes you feel better just breathing in fresh air. Thats it really, Its a hell of a diagnosis. My first specialist said I wouldnt make old bones but here I am 7 years later same old bones still here and reading these blogs which I come in and out of when I need to or I read something like your post. I travel a lot ( I live in NZ) to visit family overseas so I miss a lot...

    I feel a bit of an old hand. Initially I was scared and lonely but you find that the support and non judge mental attitude of your fellow PBC ers is fantastic and liberating.

    Keep the faith through this medium, I have

  • Hi, I too am overweight. Said to the consultant that it was getting me down. She said you can try losing some weight but dont try too hard because sometimes with pbc you will never lose it. I was very active before the body pains and fatigue but cant do much just now because I am waiting for keyhole surgery on my knee. It is just so frustrating that I have gone up two dress sizes. I dont know what I would have done if my consultant had said what your one did. Just ignore him he is ignorant. :-)

  • Hi. I too am over weight and cannot lose any since taking urso. I saw my hepatologist last week and they never said anything I am a size 18 I used to be a size 12!! I have really bad joint pains but still carry on I work full time but have to add finding it harder lately . I am a great believer in mind over matter. I try my best to lead a normal life and not let PBC , sjorgans , possible ms get me down . so please keep your PMA x

  • Thanks everyone your replies have really helped, I now have a smile back on my face. I decided I won't let one drs poor bedside manner get me down but in reality I would like to shift some pounds (have been trying for years). As I said previously I have a lovely GP so will discuss it with him next week and take it from there. Xx

  • A lot of people have benefited from cutting out gluten with this disease..I try to avoid bad Carbs too like white bread white rice etc.. Are eat alot of fruit nuts veg and lean protein.. And the odd day I'll eat it all again for a blow out.. Hope this helps..

  • I feel that a lot of Drs are prejudiced against overweight people, and blame the excess weight for so many things when really they should be doing more investigations to find the real cause. You may discover that the Dr you saw really knew nothing much about PBC and talking about your weight was her cover. I go to the JR and haven't had a problem, it's the luck of the draw I guess. The first consultant I saw at my local hospital was awful - he had a thing about my weight as well as being totally arrogant and hated being asked questions. I complained to my GP and he just referred me to the different hospital. Take care and don't let her drag you down x

  • Do what you feel is right. They are not always right. I have had many bad experiences with specialists and they just don't listen or care. I am 9 stone and in so much pain, my fingers, arms, right shoulder hurt real bad. I also have knee and hip pain too. I am tired all the time which doc replied he was too and everyone gets tired. Other one said my fog brain was nothing to do with pbc. sorry Ive gone on a bit but at the end of the day its your body you know how you feel. I think only other people with pbc understand and this is a great place to do this. good luck and take care x

  • Just wanted to say thank you for everyone who was kind enough to reply to my post. I was really upset but your kind words made me feel better. I went to see my GP today who was lovely. He explained to me that a gastric band isn't used purely for people who eat excessively but somehow changes some peoples metabolisun. He explained that the chances of me losing weight through convention methods was very remote in view of fact polymeric diet made me out two pounds on and that if I have the opportunity to have a gastric band Via the nhs ishouldn't rule it out. He did say he e didn't think I met the criteria as not fat enough so that made me happy. Thanks again your support was really appreciated x

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