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Have any of you experienced a Vitamin D deficiency? With appropriate treatment, how quickly were you able to recover the levels to normal?

My Vitamin D level was tested this week and is seriously low. I've been prescribed an 8-week treatment of one 50,000 iu pill per week. I'm a little skeptical about such a large dosage at once and wonder how quickly I will feel a positive impact. I've been more fatigued that usual, have lost perhaps 1/3-1/2 of my hair and am having severe joint /muscle pain in my legs (xrays showed only minimal inflammation). Any thoughts you can provide are appreciated!

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I have had very low D levels for a few year. Tablets never helped so now on regular injections and it is still slowly getting better, do feel slighlty better though, Good luck x


They gave me the high dose but they gave me the most horrid taste in my mouth, like a metallic, Tinny sort of taste so I the last 3 or 4 went in the medi bin. I just take a soluble vit d and calcium drink (when I remember), I think it's called AD Cal

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I was taking 3000 units for about a year. Now halved it. I try to get about 20 minutes middle of the day sunshine.

Also my bone density has improved after 12 months twice a week personal training. Expensive but I see it as health insurance.

Seeing a good endocrinologist is a good idea.


I was prescribed Vit D tablet, 800iu daily. My levels were low enough to do something about it but not seriously low. I haven't noticed any side effects from taking it. I'm due for some follow up blood tests shortly so I don't know yet how well it has worked.


50,000 IU weekly is actually conservative. Can have it 2 or 3 times per week.

Benefit from weekly dose can be expected in less than 3 months

Taking it 3 times per week will get the benefit in less than 1 month.

An overview of vitamin D loading doses is at vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index...


I had also vitamin :D deficiency a year ego Dr prescribed 1000 iu I still taking it. Now the blood test is okay but I have to keep taking for the rest of my life.


I was just diagnosed with a deficiency in Vitamin D. I was also prescribed 1 50,000 iu per week for 8 wks. When that is completed I will be taking 5000 per day. I also had hair loss and pain in my hands. I expect once I am no longer deficient I will feel more energetic and stop losing the hair. I did research and this is the normal course of treatment.