Has anyone else had infertility issues due to PBC? Where you able to have a child with treatment?

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost two years now. I have learned that PBC causes other immune diseases one being that I do not produce the amount of follicle a woman my age should, resulting in infertility. I am currently in process of going through my fourth IUI procedure. I was wondering if anyone has fertility issues or any success for treatments?

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  • I had fertility issues. It was so hard for us. I am happy to report that I do have 2 very beautiful boys. It turned out that I had celiac and didn't find out until just before my second pregnancy. I found out 6 weeks before I got pregnant. Stopped gluten and bam...prego next cycle. With my first I had given up on kids and decided to go on a no Carb diet (unknowingly cutting out most gluten) and was pregnant 4 weeks into it. I am not saying this will work for you...but you never know. I wish you the best of luck!!

  • I will cut out gluten and see if that helps. I do not have celiac disease, my doctor tested me for it when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me, it was part of the long process of eventually being diagnosed with PBC. But, I will try anything that might help increase my chances. Thank you so much.

  • I did have fertility issues back in my 30s which was due to an autoimmune problem resulting eventually in premature ovarian failure. This was not directly related to PBC (and was many years before my PBC was diagnosed) but it is common to have more than one autoimmune condition. I was very fortunate to have 2 happy healthy children with some help from fertility procedures.

    Wishing you lots of luck with your IUI,


  • I am having the same issues as you had. Did you successfully become pregnant from having the IUI procedure done? If so, do you mind telling me how many times? This is our fourth try and I read that your chances decrease the more times the procedure is performed. Not sure if we are going to do invetro.

  • Hi Amanda, we went straight to trying IVF as I had very little ovarian reserve from the start. My first child was then miraculously conceived naturally whilst going through the workup to have IVF, the second was conceived through IVF.

  • Thank you. We are debating whether to go try IVF or not. My reserve is also extremely low. The doctor told me someone my age should have around 20 follicles per cycle, I have 6. So heart wrenching to find out there is something else wrong with you on top of having PBC.

  • I can't speak to infertility--as I was just diagnosed 3 month postpartum. I do think that all the hormone fluctuations may have played a part in revealing PBC to me and my doctors after my baby was born. Also, both of my babies were born early, but not too early 37 and 38 weeks. They came on their own, but I am looking back now and wondering if my underlying PBC played some part in that?? Otherwise my pregnancies were very normal. My first baby was born when I was 34 and my second at 37--almost 38. So--there is hope for happy and healthy pregnancies for those of us with PBC. Hope, what a great word.

  • Sorry to hear about your problems with fertility. I hope that your latest procedure works for you and your husband. Everyone on this site will be wishing you success and please let us know how things turn out. Never give up hope and keep positive I'm sure in the end you'll have a good outcome.

  • Thank you

  • Hi im currently undergoing ivf, I have several autoimmune conditions... I'm 35, they recommended straight to ivf and strong dose fertility drugs as I've low reserve.. Not sure if that's autoimmune related too.. :-(

  • You should ask your doctor, mine told me that my reserve was low because once you get one autoimmune disease, you tend to get multiple ones. I you have success with your IVF treatment, I would love to hear if it works for you. I just had my last IUI procedure and if it does not take the next step is IVF.

  • Good luck to you too :-)

  • Should have said I've pbc, scleroderma, psoriasis, sjogrens

  • Just wondering how it is going for you. Have you had any success yet?

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