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I Won My ESA Tribunal After 13 Months Of Fighting!

Hi All - Today I attended my tribunal over my ESA claim, I scored 0 points on my medical assessment as my illness is an invisible one (scitzophrenia) and so stuck in an appeal back in June 2012. Today both the Dr & the Judge said that I would be awarded ESA and back paid from June 2012 (13 months back pay)

This is for anyone else that has a tribunal coming up, if your illness is the same as mine, call ahead on the day and ask if you can have a side room to yourself as you cannot be around other people (paranoid) This will be noted and will go in your favour (as it did mine)

I have been getting just £127 per fortnight since June 2012, when I should of been on £106 per week, so I figure they owe me £80 x 57 weeks which adds up to quite a sum! I just hope it doesn't take forever to arrive.

ALWAYS ATTEND YOUR HEARING - As they very rarely find in your favour if your not there! They didn't ask me too many questions, they were more 'explaining' things to me than asking me things, maybe it is because I played a little 'thick' but whatever it was, it worked for I am now on ESA and do not have to bother with sick notes any longer, also my money will rise & I get a back payment.

As I am now officially in receipt of ESA, I am able to apply for various grants & loans, which of course I will.

Does anyone know which loans or grants I am entitled too? I live in a rented place and have no cooker, I did apply for a budgeting loan to replace it some months ago but was told that because I am not in receipt of any specific benefit (I was on a lower rate whilst appeal going through) - I am assuming that is no longer the case.

I am so happy today, the happiest I have been in a very long time, for at last I am getting what I am entitled too.

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