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another newbie here - needing help

I was just told I have PBC - I have Skleroderma and some weird hep B with no viral load - but always shows postive for the igm looking like I just got over it but it doesn't ever change - meaning I never did get over it or do get over it - I've tested this way for years at all different labs. Now AMA shows PBC. Have not done biopsy or seen hep doc yet - would love for someone to help me understand what it means first - blood tests seem to be normal other than my hep B and Sklero

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Hi there,

PBC is a condition where the bile ducts of the liver are slowly damaged over many years, it is thought by the body's own immune system turning on the liver. This can eventually lead to scarring of the liver (which is what cirrhosis is) but this does not always happen. There is no cure for the disease but there is a medication which can slow down its progression called Ursodeoxycholic acid which most people with PBC take. The most common symptoms are fatigue and itch but not everyone suffers from these.

Elevatede IgM is also associated with PBC. Liver function tests can be normal in early stages, 95% of people with PBC have positive AMA.

Some people here have had PBC for many years, I like you have only just been diagnosed. There is lots of information here from those who have lived with it which I found very helpful and reassuring in understanding this condition.

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