HELP!!! Robert needs support with raising funds!!!

The PBC Foundation helps us all and are there when we need them so we all need to get behind Robert and support him on his headshave which is happening on Tuesday, 10th April.

Please give whatever you can afford. We will all reap the benefits.

Every little helps.


Janice xx

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  • Just done it!! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Already done - can't wait to see him on the 20th. How will we recognise him?

  • I know. Hope he has a wooly hat on standby! X

  • I think we need to give him a round of applause at the end of the month... he is a brave man! And I suppose we will recognize him as he will be the only person who will have a bald head and is daft enough to be wearing a skirt in the freezing cold :) x

  • What's happening at the end of the month? X

  • From a fellow Scot, I am sure he wil look great in his kilt. X

  • It is the PBC Foundation volunteers conference mentioned in the bear facts...

    its a chance for all member to have their say by asking there local volunteers to bring up questions or queries at the conference. :)


  • Thank you for that. I have not had a chance to read the Bear Facts yet. XX

  • hope to see some before and after photos robert......good on you

  • Sarah has just donated and I am about to do so x

  • Thank you. William and David have also donated. Didn't know you were a member of this of this forum? When did you join? x

  • I just wanted to share with you today. I am shaving my hair tonight. We have broken through the £5000 mark.

    I know sometimes, living with PBC is difficult. I know, too, it's easy for us to think we are alone or that noone understands.

    I just wanted to share 5000 reasons why you are not alone.

    love and light...

  • That's fantastic Robert. Think of the money you are going to save on the shampoo bill! Lol! x

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