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Gall stones Kidney stones how lucky am I

I have just spent the last week in hospital where I thought I had bad constipation turns out I have gall stones and kidney stones an omg they are sore but after a week in hospital they have told me that they wont take out the gall bladder as its to high risk for me an to hope the kidney stones pass naturally , to be fair so far the kidney stones are by far the sorest thing i have ever had i have now been allowed home with morphine tabs for pain but lucky me still has the kidney an gall stones anyone any ideas of the best thing to try to break them down , i have been told cranberry juice which i have been drinking everyday an also lemon barley but nothing has moved , I am getting to the stage where i think they will never move lol has anyone tried anything that has helped any help would be gratefully recieved thanks

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Hello suemac1.

I have for several years found WDDTY (What Doctors Don't Tell You) an interesting read online but I only receive basics. Then they launched their own magazine at some point last year and though at times struggled to get it in town, WHSmiths here are currently stocking (as apparently do Sainsburys and Tesco but ours do not as asked).

I've found some informative information in it, mainly about certain foods, best way to prepare, etc. It also has articles on household goods (ie paint for the home in May edition) and personal items like perfume. I checked out a website they recommended, Balm Balm as they sell natural perfumes and surprisingly for my budget priced well.

Online at the moment there is a short piece on gallstones and apparently drinking pure apple juice can soften gallstones so that they can pass out of the system. But reading it you have to consume so much at a time.

I did think today that kidney stones can be sort of blasted from the outside of the body and then they break up and pass out thru the urinary system. I do not know anyone who has kidney stones. Gallstones seem to be the more common thing I hear.

PS If you were to check out the WDDTY website, you'll have to register to receive basics.


Hi peridot thanks i will check out the website I need to do something they are sore sore things to have lol i am at the stage where i will try anything x


I know where your coming from with regards having gallstones the gastro gut Saud can't operate and I had infection after infection until I was finally admitted as emergency (I collapsed) they operated same week

I think its the same old thing they don't know enough about PBC so just don't go there

The pain is unberable don't be afraid to ask for second opinion coz I feel so much better without my gallbladder sending you hugs xx


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