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Nothing much to update from me. Just had a second blood test and waiting for results. My Doctor is leaving the practise so hope I don't have a battle to move things forward. But reading your experiences I am determined not to be ignored! Just a note for those of you suffering from athritis as well I used to have real issues with my knees but now drink a dessert spoon of cider vinegar mixed with 1 teaspoon molasses suger and one teaspoon of honey made into a drink 3 times a day and am so much better. Get the book treating athritis the drug free way by Margaret Hills,

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  • Hi astonb9, Thanks for the reminder re the vinegar. I was using it and did find it helped. memory rubbish so went by the wayside, will getr back onto it,, :) Good luck with your results..

  • Thank you and good luck with the cider vinegar both my sister, myself and a friend have found a difference since using it!

  • Hi

    Do you think this would work for fibromyalgia?

  • Hi Bobbycat,

    I am not sure but I know I feel better in general whan I am taking it. Also alot of the recomendations in the book regarding certain foods are similar to those advised for PBC. Whenever I have told Doctors I take it they say continue if you feel better it won't do you any harm.

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