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can anyone give me advice on what to expect at an esa tribunal

it has been nearly a year since I had the esa medical and scored 0 points!! I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, under active thyroid, 1st stage lupas an raynards. its mostly the fibro that I have problems with, the main problem being fatigued and in constant pain.

I was very honest at the medical an talked about the fatigue an pain, I appealed the 0 points and was still turned down esa and im awaiting a tribunal date. I am still under the hospital who are still investigating problems I have. Ive sent in copies of my conditions to the esa tribunl and had a letter of support from my doctor.

ive heard there is more success if you turn up in person to the tribunal. please help with any advice welcomed

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my husband just had had his tribunal n it was very laid back , just take as much info as you can we got all hubbys letters from hospital n doctors , my husband also got 0 points at his medical but was over turned at tribunal n got 25 points good luck


there are some good groups on Facebook where you can get advice about the tribunals process. 'Fightback' is good and 'Support Nurse who blows whistle on ATOS. Both of those will get you links to other pages.


Thanxyou you very much xx


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