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A little info

I was reading this in the morning paper today,The findings by a team from USA were presented at a medical conference,a study shows that a cup of coffee a day can help prevent a rare condition which blocks the bile duct's and can stave off serious Liver disease.i don't know if this make's any sence,i don't drink coffee myself but is it worth a cup a day i wonder.

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personally i wouldnt believe everything we read if we did what would we have in life ? they say smoking causes cancer what abt the people that dont smoke ? the new one is dont leave plastic bottles of water in ur car as the toxins that come off the bottle in the heat causes cancer. who really knows best. drink ur coffee and enjoy ur life best you can thats all i say.


I am a coffee drinker yet I have been diagnosed with PBC. So much for the veracity of that article. I drink my coffee, I eat healthy, I have a great attitude, and I will continue to enjoy each and every day with as much gusto as I can muster up.

Today will be a good day. <3


I like your attitude healthangel :)

I have my "I dont mind this pbc" only to wake up with the opposite atitude "Im so sick of this pbc now" so lets hope today really is a good day!!!!


Apparently coffee IS good for boosting the liver. Though not in huge quantities that is. I have 2 cups per day and do believe that it is of some good.

Yes coffee has caffeine in it but I myself balance it out with one that has caffeine in it after breakfast and then I will have a decaff towards my evening meal.

I don't think coffee can stave off liver disease although I have read recently that coffee can alleviate the possiblity of one's chances of having a heart attack. I did once read that coffee acts like a milk anti-inflammatory so perhaps that is where this bit about coffee comes in.

Regardless I think eating and drinking (and I'm not talking of the alcohol variety here, that is a different subject) if done in moderation surely can't do any harm.

(PS I was never much of a drinker of alcohol prior to diagnose in 2010 and for me once I got the first abnormal LFTs I simply stopped even having the odd glass. I don't miss it simply because I was never that partial to it prior to diagnose.)


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