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Oh no not something else!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to ask if any one as got Kidney problems,just had some blood tests and they have come back just about border line,so feel quite worried, Liver tests looking better so that was good to hear,not having any symptom's of Kidney problems i just wondered if it could be Urso or Questran that is all i take.It just seem's to be one thing after another to worry about,or am i reading in to thing's but why are they not nearer the range they should be.I have had my blood test's printed out from the Doctor's,and don't see my Consultant for 2 week's so carn't get any answer's untill i see him,would rather talk to him than my GP so i will have to wait,just wish thing's would stop happening to my body is PBC to blame for all this. Take Care X

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My kidney function numbers is just a little past the normal line. My pain clinic dr. keeps telling me not to take any anti-inflammatories, which means no over the counter meds either.

I don't, for I've had a show of blood in the urine, when I did for back problems in the past and also for tendonitis, of the elbows. I can only use steroids and cortisone for these problems. I have used tramadol for years though.



I have lupus and a range of other auto-immune conditions. They often seem to come in multiples.

Many of my organs have been affected in one way or another. But you have to find ways of adjusting.

Whilst I do believe that many medications can have both desirable and undesirable effects I have been on Urso for years and believe it has been beneficial overall.

Sign up on all the various HealthUnlocked forums that you feel are relevant to you. Its where you will find most appropriate suggestions.


I'm certain if your doctor hasn't mentioned much or anything then at present it could be a case of nothing to be alarmed about.

Isn't it usual to have another recheck as it could be fluke or perhaps that one hasn't been done correctly as can happen. Two weeks isn't actually that long to wait before your consultant can shed more light perhaps so hang in there.

I know since I started taking urso Dec 2010 I noticed I started having to go to the loo if I woke up during the night which I do and moreso on a more itchy night being the night-timer itchy with PBC (my only sympton of it that I can say). I wasn't like this prior to taking urso and am normal throughout the day so I do put it down to the urso. I have found out that with someone with PBC apparently urine can become dark as the stools can become pale. I'm pretty much normal there at present with none of these.

Could well be Questran is causing the results but I cannot comment there as I've never taken it. I think I once read on this site that it can affect your LFTs but I expect like everything it varies from individual.

Please keep us updated and all the best.

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Thanks for your info,with this being all new to me still need to get my head round what is going on with my body,never though this would affect me so much.For some reason i don't think i even look the same any more it seem's to have aged me over night as they say.You all are lovely understanding people on here and i don't know what i would do without you all ,i don't think anyone will know how i feel only you all on here,what i read on here is so true i feel i am writting it myself because i know just how you feel.Take Care

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Me too - felt like I had aged when I saw the hospital consultant for the very first time Oct 2010! Altho' he was pretty good info-wise on my return to see him Feb 2011 after he informed the GP to see me and give me the diagnose PBC (Dec 2010), that first appointment he first of all asked me how old I was (tho' he had it in front of him!) and then he seemed a bit surprised I thought when I told him I had not yet started the change (I was only 46 at the time) and had to repeat myself again. He then asked me what I did and I told him with my husband present that I'd quit my job, not due to how I was at the time (I presented with fatigue and itching and of course the LFTs were abnormal) but the fact I'd made a bad career move in 2009 and my husband originally decided I should quit, we could manage so I did (returned to voluntary work). So the hospital consultant then said, "So you're 'retired'"!!!

I came out of the room that day feeling like I was past it!!! I do feel I have aged somewhat since the diagnose though I still do things I did prior to starting with the itch in 2010. The fatigue I have to say seems to have long since left me. There are several things I know I'd no longer probably do but if I did I'd be so uncomfortable with. I can't think about going to the cinema, especially at night and sitting in a seat there to watch a film as I k now I'd be so uncomfortable and fidget all the time as my itch starts to surface most nights. I only get the odd respite and I'd like to know how it happens but yet to attempt to figure that one out!

I think a lot will agree on here, as we get older we do start to think we are getting older despite if we do feel pretty energetic, I think a lot of that is society but having something long-term, its affecting daily due to the gripes and problems associated with the condition, it can simply wear us down such a lot. But for the itch at night I'd not even think I had anything like PBC but it tends to remind me each day after the evening meal when I start the prickles.

I know on this site with regards to the itch for eg., there is only the ones here who actually really understand just how that is especially if they go through it themselves.

I find my family tho' pretty good, they don't seem to understand what implications PBC can eventually have if it is unfortunate to go that way. My family don't seem to mind continuing having their bottles of beer despite and though it doesn't bother me (I don't drink, never bothered much and after the first LFT 2010 I haven't bothered since) at times I do get a bit irritated by it.

Look on the bright side as I often say to myself and for myself I just refuse to think about what could eventually happen as I don't want to think about it as can't see the point in worrying about something that may never happen. Also it has to be remembered that the bloods can go up and down anyway, mine have with the LFTs since being on urso. Currently they are pretty good but it's been 3mths since I last had repeats.

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