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As stated in my previous blog, here is the best material I came across during my research:

The doctor who devised this natural diet was wheelchair bound because of MS, but did not give up until she was able to walk again. Her book is available through It is about the mythocondria.

I came across this site t because in the past three years I used liquid cod liver oil in the winter. This year I decided to carry on, and just learned it is very important for the maintenance of the myelin sheath.

I drink a spoonfull of it, followed by a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses for the iron.

I will attempt to purchase the fermented type used by the fishermen, for it has a higher EPA


I have been on my own all natural diet for the past 8 months, and the difference between our diets is that mine is the "hunter" type (suggested for blood type B for they have lipase to digest fats). Hers is the "hunter/gatherer" style. I eliminated nuts and spices from mine because of lectins. I took note of her reference to dairy, and will attempt to adjust mine. She also suggests dulse (pulse) for its high iodine content and connection to the myelin.

Also very helpful is her vitamins/supplements protocol.

In good health,

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