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Supplimenting the 3 monthly PA injection which way is best?

Ive got the ampoules coming and last week started on a combination of all B vitamins from India via Canada so am interested in this Jarrows Methyl B12. I have just ordered the 5000 from Amazon, why is there one at 12.00 and an identical at 19.99 lol.

If you are injecting how often? Who is finding these supplements a success? What difference has it made? Have you tried different methods like Im doing? If so which do you prefer? Last have any of you told your gp?

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hi, sorry I havrn't heard anything about this,how does it work,how can it work?Have you spoken to your GP to ask him if it is ok to do it, have you tried it yet, please let me know how you get on please be careful with what your taking

best wishes



Hi Lionking, I have spoken many times to my gp but just get dismissed so am taking my lead from members sharing and going by their examples. I am desperate so will give anything a go. Unforunately this group doesnt seem to be too active but as I have other conditions I am in other groups. My info has come from the thyroid group. Are you a member of there if not I will bring a very helpful comment across for you.


Hi, lionking, I answered jennieccles questions about supplements on the Thyroid UK group, here is the reference, please note I responded twice, plus other minor proof-reading corrections:


hope the link works!

Supplemental B12 in either lozenge or spray form works by being absorbed into the bloodstream via the membranes under the tongue, mainly, where you keep the lozenge slowly dissolving for as long as possible and so intestinal absorption is bypassed. B12 is a water soluble vitamin therefore you cannot take too much as the body will just get rid of the excess.

I had been completely ignored by the GP who did the B12 test so when neurological symptoms set in I was utterly desperate but info available from the PAS pernicious-anaemia-society.org indicated to me, unofficially of course, they are not doctors, what I had to do -get sublingual B12 and hit it hard.

Methylcobalamin is the best form to buy as it is already methylated (i.e., is in the form usable by the cells -cyanocobalamin has to be methylatedm but not every body can do this (perhaps due to lack of folate to aid the methylisation process)and anyway cyanocobalamin will not "mend" neurological symptoms, methylcobalamin will.

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Thankyou xx


Hi Jennieccles

The difference in price you speak of is possibly due to one product having been licenced and thus closely controlled for chemical content, whilst the cheaper one is not. One should always take great care where you purchase drugs and always I feel go for the licenced product, even though it will be more expensive. By so doing, you can feel more secure that once you have attained a balance for your condition, your next package of drugs will meet the same high standards as the dosage you took the week before so to speak and by this route you should be able to retain a steady balance more easily.

In addition to this please see my reply to Ivenhoe above.

Best regards

B12 Turbo


Hi TurboThank you for both responses, I was diagnosed a few years ago had the batch of injections now on 3 monthly jabs but its not enough, I have several conditions checking one by one but nothing is changing so having read the thyroid group and this one I am going for it to see what happens.


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