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Hi all had my blood test results back and my B12 was 397, doctor said this was normal range, not sure where to go from here?

Thks Val

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Hi Val,Did you have other bloods taken ? Ferritin, vitamin D, and folate ? I bought an active B12 kit on line. There’s several companies that do them.

Sorry that’s all I can suggest.

Take good care

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Cyprus555 in reply to Narwhal10

Thank you for replying maybe I will try and get a kit!

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Cyprus555 in reply to Narwhal10

Do you take any other vitamins to help ?

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Narwhal10 in reply to Cyprus555

Sorry I didn’t realise you were having private injections which would probably skew the results.

I have coeliac disease and haven’t responded to a gluten free diet. So, I’m on several other vitamins and minerals but had help from a private dietician. Would not want to give you wrong information and for you to feel worse. Hopefully someone else will be along to advise.

Like Nackapan said root cause is important.

Best wishes

Did they test for thyroid. Meanwhile try oral b12 to see if it helps you.

Depending on the measurement and in range figure snd type of test.

If axserum b12 sbd range 200-900 pg/L

Yiur doctor shoukd be doing more tests to find a causes for yiur symptoms.

Don't rule out functional b12 either.

If nothing ekses found ask about that.

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Cyprus555 in reply to Nackapan

Thank you for your reply, yes they did test thyroid and said all ok, doctor tried to tell me it was vertigo which it definitely isn’t! Or symptoms from my blood pressure being slightly high! I know my body very well and it’s definitely neither of the above! I’m having some private B12 injections and will see if it improves. Stay well and Thk you

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Nackapan in reply to Cyprus555

Good then if they benefit you. There's your answer. Yes we do know our bodies !!

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Pippi39 in reply to Cyprus555

Can I ask where you are having private b12 injections? I have struggled to find anywhere as b12 ‘in range’.

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Cyprus555 in reply to Pippi39

In my local area there is a private clinic that does them, actually I found quite a few that do them but obviously you need to make sure they are properly qualified and monitored! Where are you?

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Pippi39 in reply to Cyprus555

Nottingham. I thought they would need to see that you are below range?

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Nackapan in reply to Pippi39

Beauty clinics give them not knowing your level!

I remember a nurse that used to inject me saying g how 'lucky' I was a she had to pay for hers at her salon!! £40

I wad flabbergasted to both accounts.

But on the occasion of a nurses just about to inject me kept quiet.

She really hurt doing them every time. So avoided her .

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Cyprus555 in reply to Pippi39

No she didn’t ask my level just my symptoms and history, she seemed very knowledgeable as this is all she does and I was happy to pay £40 as convinced this is the problem, TBF this was before I had my results back. A lot of beauty salons do the injections now.

Does your GP know that you have been having private injections? They would distort your blood test results considerably. Do you have any B12 blood test results that were taken before you started getting injections? This would be very useful information.

With levels of 396 I doubt that the GP would do the follow up tests. I have much lower levels and have found it a downhill struggle trying to persuade any GP to do follow up tests where Vitamins are involved. If you have a lot of emotional energy, you could try persuading them but there are lots of downsides to this. Pointing them at the guidelines or the PA's web site is just as likely to irritate them which isn't going to help you at all.

Your GP practice probably has many GPs and locum GPs. The younger locum GPs tend to be less jaded and are more open to doing tests. Perhaps make an appointment with one of them and explain that you have been having private injections and this may have distorted your result. You will need to explain on what dates you had the injections. If you had an injection a few days before the blood test, your results should have been very high.

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Cyprus555 in reply to jmc42

Hi thanks for replying. I had my B12 injection after my results came so they would not have influenced the outcome. Even though the doctor said my results were not showing that I have B12 deficiency I believe that I do, due to all the symptoms and I have also had tests for thyroid, diabetic and anything else she could think of that might be causing my symptoms, they were all fine. I am not on any medication and am usually quite fit apart from these horrible symptoms I get every couple of months. I decided to get the B12 injections myself to see if they make any difference. I’ve had the first one and am due back for a second one in 2 weeks, and then again 2 weeks after. I have seen an improvement so am hoping after the second I will feel even better.

Superdrug are advertising B12 injections. B12 blood test £39. B12 plus intrinsic factor test £79. £29 for B12 injection

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Gemgem123 in reply to LilacTrees

I was thinking of getting that, do you know how reliable the Superdrug one is? As when I looked on other websites the prices were a lot more, which is making me hesitant to order it being as it’s so cheap!

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LilacTrees in reply to Gemgem123

I don’t know you could contact them. I presume that it’s the same as the doctors give although I was surprised to hear from the beauty clinic that is giving me B12, which I am paying £29, that the clinic dose is two time greater than the doctors. This clinic isn’t medical. I suspect there is a beauty hype around B12 injections just now. How ever after 3 over three weeks I feel better but not there yet as main symptoms come back still.

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