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Coeliac Test Results!

Hi everyone,

I wondered if anyone could help me with regards to my latest test results?!

Two and a half weeks ago I had my blood taken for a barrage of tests as I have been very unwell.

One of the blood tests was for a FBC including vit D and Thyroid!

I had the test on the Monday and was called back to the Dr's on the Tuesday as my Iron levels were non existent (thought I felt tired!)

The Dr gave me iron tablets (ferrous sulphate) of which I have to take 1x200mg tablet, 3x per day. But I was asked to have more blood taken for a more detailed look at the iron levels, before beginning to take the tablets.

When that more detailed blood test came back it was abnormal but the Dr said that the tablets I'm now taking will bring it back to normal!

The rest of my FBC was normal as was the vit D.

I also had a test for Coeliacs Disease which is the second one I've had to date.

I phoned the Dr's to get my results today and was told that part of my test is showing "no further action required", however the other part has shown "abnormal" and the Dr wishes to see me for a chat?? But I was told it's nothing to worry about?

I didn't realise there were two parts to a Coeliacs test?

I'm worrying (despite being told not to)!

Can anyone tell me if they've had any experience with this test or know what it could mean?

Many thanks :)

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Request a print of all your results & post them here.

What the NHS calls normal for things like Thyroid, B12 & Vit D & what's good for you are 2 different things.

Coeliac is only ones all piece of the Gluten jigsaw. Google Grain Brain / Brain Maker / Dr Perlmutter. You will find loads of videos, podcasts & the books.


When doing a coeliac test, as well as the antibody test, there should also be a test for IgA deficiency as this can give a false negative for the coeliac test if you have it. *If* this is the abnormal result it is nothing to worry about. It is relatively common and often doesn't give any symptoms but useful to know about if you do have it as it can explain recurring infections.


Normally there are multiple tests involved to determine celiac. A full celiac panel is likely to include:

•ttG IgA and tTG IgG - tissue transglutaminase

•DGP IgA and DGP IgG (newer tests good at detecting earlier celiac disease - it replaced the AGA IgA and AGA IgG tests) -deaminated gliadin peptides

•EMA IgA (detects more advanced damage - similar to the tTG igA) - endomysial antibodies

total serum IgA - a control test to ensure you make enough IgA for accurate tests

It's possible that you tested negative on some tests but positive on others. If, for example, you tested negative on the ttG test but positive on a DGP or AGA test, they would likely tell you that you don't have celiac disease. However (and this is big however) there would be a strong possibility that you have a gluten sensitivity.

I had that situation occur myself. I never had elevated ttG levels, but I tested positive on AGA IgA. I was told that I didn't have celiac and no one could really tell me what the one positive result meant so I ignored it for a few years. I have only recently discovered that I have non celiac gluten ataxia and will have to be gluten free for the rest of my life. :(


Thank you SO much for your reply Galixie!

I work in a care home and asked one of our nurses what she thought and she pretty much said the same as you.

I have been so unwell with weird things like a sore mouth and tongue, terrible diarrhoea, extreme fatigue, tinnitus from hell, itchy ears and of course iron deficiency!!

I am a Pernicious Anemic so put up with feeling rough as that unfortunately comes with the territory, but I have never had gastric problems like this?!

Since being on my iron tablets my gastric noises and diarrhoea have settled but haven't gone.

Once again thank you for your advice - I will find out my results next week, but feel happier about it now :)


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