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CBD Gummies Low strength

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Hello all. It's me again...

The struggle and questions continue.

As you may probably know by know I am trying my best to get through all my symptoms until the NHS get to the bottom, (if they can) of my problem.

I have never suffered with anxiety before but I know it is related to and an autonomic response of what is going on in my body as well as a side effect of the B12 shots as I have a very sensitive make up.

The shots are seriously saving me at the moment but we are yet to determine whether it is a bone marrow issue, Erythropoietin EPO or whatever it may be. So i have to be patient whilst the NHS cogs gear into action.

Sooooooo..... in order to help with the butterflies in the stomach feeling.... I was wondering about CBD THC free low dose Gummies (Sweets).... Brand name STARPOWA as I know quite a few people who swear by them and prefer them so much more than Pharma and in fact have stopped their meds.

Will these interfere with my shots with regards to preventing the formation of new red blood cells from the shots? As you pretty much have to suck on a couple each day 1 am and 1 pm or self dose as you choose.

I am not on any other medication at all apart from the B12 shots, multivitamin patch, iron patch and B complex patch if you can even call that medication.

Kindest regards.

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Will CBD gummies interfere with B12? No.

Will they do any good? No. Not in my experience. Even the highest-dose, broadest-spectrum, CBD I could get does nothing at all.

Thank you. I take It that they did not help with your anxiety at all? Or was it for something else?

Try them snd see . Ive not tried but have been temped at times. More for pain. The b12 injections stopped the anxiety autonomic reaction. Yours hopefully will given time.

I occasionally get the 'anxious ' feeling when not actually anxious about anything. So i ride the wave snd if goes.

Let us know how you get on

Yes I know what you mean. It's just not nice when it lasts for days and days even though you are not worried about anything. I will give them a go and see. After all There is no THC so I will retain all alertness. It's just something else I can try to cope until I have been fully investigated. It's very slow due to the current situation.

Yes. I'm still waiting for a specialist appointment. Did get brain Mri scans ct though as 2018/19Neurology ruled our things which I was grateful fir but got nowhere forward with symptom control or understanding.

So it's good to try things.

We to try out best. This forum is massively helpful.

It's all we have until the medics can carry out tests to rule out what it's not.

I was mainly interested in how they affected my neuropathic pain.

I see that's a whole different league.

Also did nothing at all for migraine.

A relief in a way as I could not afford to carry on. So expensive.

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Timetraveler67 in reply to Frodo

My son bought them for his chronic pain he said they really helped with pain and anxiety but like yourself he couldn’t afford to carry on buying them as very expensive.

Were you diagnosed with any other vitamin deficency, ie folic acid. From my own experience I also took vitamin b Complex which resulted in anxiety.

All you can do is keep a diary of how you feel on cutting back on different vitamins. Too many are not always good.

I understand

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MoKayD in reply to Sallyannl

I agree. Too much of anything, no matter how seemingly benign, can cause problems. Try stopping all of your vitamin supplements and then adding them back one at a time and see how you feel with each addition.

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WorkingProgress. Noticed that you are using a multi-vitamin patch AND a B complex patch. Take care that you are not double dosing on B vitamins (from the multivitamin and the complex patch).

Vitamin B6, in particular, can cause neurological problems (similar to those experienced in B12 deficiency) and these can become permanent if over-supplementation continues long-term.

The aim, for any vitamin or mineral should be no more than 100% of the RDA - and even that may be too much if not needed. (This is excepting where a deficiency has been diagnosed - and then higher doses than 100% RDA may be needed in the short term to rectify a proven deficiency).

Thank you. I am on it and have already cut the B complex in half. Luckily I have zero neuro issues just the production of red cells and severe fatigue etc. I am fighting to get it all looked into whilst making myself as comfortable as possible. I am still way better than I was in January as i was completely bed ridden for nearly 3 months. SI and learning from here has helped me so much. I am so grateful for this site and the science brainiacs. Where would we be without fellow sufferers. If left to GP's we would be in a very very very bad place.

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FoggymeAdministrator in reply to WorkingProgress

That’s good…but…we would never advise taking a B complex (at any dose) AND multi-vitamins together, so would advise you consider stopping the B complex completely.

Sorry if this appears to be pressing the point but there have been cases where people have suffered neurological issues just from drinking 'energy' drinks contains B6 (it’s very finely balanced in the body and there’s a very fine line between enough and too much).

Always best safe than sorry 😉🙂.

That's news to be. Thank you feel free to check the specks patchworksuk.com/ I use multivitamin patch and half a b12 plus patch

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FoggymeAdministrator in reply to WorkingProgress

Think I'll leave you to do that if you don’t mind 🙂. Many people don’t know that too much B6 can be detrimental, especially long-term, so it’s always worth saying.

Hi , I use CBD capsules and find them really helpful for neurological pain . I am taking a high dosage , have done so now for 6 months and found the right dose and level to make a difference. I find that I have to make sure I self inject my B12 as and when I need it , which can vary dependent on a number of things , but balancing the B12 shots and CBD I can honestly say that for the first time in many years I actually feel good !!

Fantastic. This is my hope until all my investigations have been carried out as I have to SI 0.4ml EOD to minimise sides and get out of bed. I can not tolerate 1ml and it does not last any longer but simply more sides. So you are absolutely correct. It's a balance that works for you.

Purely anecdotal, but I use a broad spectrum CBD & it helps me relax & sleep better. So, when someone asserts that it doesn’t work, I mentally add “for you” to the end of their sentence. Same applies to me: “It works [for me]. “ If there are no health risks involved, try it & see if it helps.

Thank you. I have already ordered some. It has many healing properties.

Good luck ..I also find that it quietens my mind when I am struggling with my physically bad days . Fingers crossed that it can contribute to you feeling a little better and more in control 🤞

Thank you. Every little bit helps.

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