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Ordering B12 from Germany


Trying to order B12 injections from Germany but both sites do not accept my address, has anyone ordered successfully now we're out of e.u

Thanks Nigel

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This what is happening at the moment. We don’t know if it’s to do with Brexit or the virus . But the way round it at the moment is to order with German Amazon . Amazon.de. Get an account if you don’t have one. Just search for Rotexmedica B12 depot if you want 1mg x 1 ml ampoules Hydroxocobalamin . I have read on this forum that members have obtained their ampoules this way. I hope it is still the case . Good luck .

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So is Rotexmedica B12 the same as the Pascale B12 (Hydroxocobalamin)? Sorry for being stupid but I’ve just started SI and got the pascale b12 from Germany but obviously can’t get from them just now

wedgewood in reply to Bamboo71

Rotexmedica manufacture Hydroxocobalamin as well as Cynocobalamin . Hydroxocobalamin is always referred to as B12 DEPOT - So if you don’t know this , it’s easy to order Cynocobalamin instead . Always enlarge the packet before you order , to see the label . So to answer your question if it’s Rotexmedica B12 depot you are referring to, yes it is the same as Pascale B12 Hydroxocobalamin.

P.S. Do you mean PASCOE ? I’ve not come across Pascale .

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Yes sorry, my mistake 🙈 it’s Pascoe

Thank you as I think I’ll struggle to get the Pascoe ones just now. I’ve just started SI so grateful for that information as I may indeed have bought the wrong ones by mistake. I’ll need to buy soon as I’m injecting every alternate day just now as have PA with neurological symptoms and my Dr will only allow an injection no sooner than 12 weeks apart. My first one after my loading doses is due next week but now we’re in lockdown again he says he can’t guarantee it!

Yes, it is because of Brexit


Write to your MP to complain.

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My friend sends me B12 from Germany

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Know someone that lives in Spain so maybe I should ask him, thanks for your reply 👍

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Give it go hopefully your friend can do it?? X

Same way. Use Amazon.de Ihave never managed to get a delivery any other way, even before Brexit, though I know others have.

There is a problem in Germany if you don’t have a house number ( just a house name). I put. 0 then the name of the road and it works.

DHL aren’t delivering at the moment and a lot of German companies seem to use them as a courier. I’ve had some deliveries from Germany via UPS come through.

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Yes I ordered mine through Amazon.de and they were delivered today by UPS - took about a week to the highlands of Scotland.

Bamboo71 in reply to Martin2812

How did you manage to get as when I tried there’s no UK in the drop box for countries? I live in Scotland

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I have an Amazon.de account. It is all in German. You need to set one up. I just ordered from there and they arrived 3 days ago

SallyRees in reply to EmilyCJ

I received a DHL.de notification email yesterday advising me that they have received my parcel details electronically. I’m hoping that this is a good sign as I’m desperate now to receive my B12

helvella in reply to SallyRees

DHL said the other day that they were suspending road deliveries - I think between Germany and the UK.

That did NOT mean all deliveries, but I did not go further as it is not of direct relevance to me.

I'd not be at all surprised if anything being delivered by DHL is taking longer than might otherwise have been expected.

SallyRees in reply to helvella

This is so frustrating! I thought I’d managed to order B12 successfully and now this stumbling block. I’ve just tried to put a plan B into action and order from the German Amazon but they don’t seem to be having much luck. Thanks for you reply.

EmilyCJ in reply to SallyRees

DHL stuff is coming back through for me now but it’s being delivered by parcelforce and I’m getting texts from Royal Mail before it turns up. Not a clue what’s going on really. At least things are coming!

SallyRees in reply to EmilyCJ

That’s good news, Emily 😊

I ordered from Apohealth.de the other day. They have been dispatched and are on their way.

Yep... i won't go into details but it was pretty straightforward.. i also have a surplus of b-12 ampoules.. I've always preferred the vials 30ml ..sourced from the usa.. they can be extremely difficult to get a hold of unless you have the correct contacts.

I have sourced b-12-hydroxocobalamin 1ml amps by the 100 from germany a few times..

I have excess if anybody needs some .. just source your own needles/syringes, alcohol wipes .

It’s not recommended to use a large vial for multiple injections as there is a risk of contamination. Most people here use single use ampoules.

I'm extremely careful.. i inject twice weekly so 30ml doesn't last very long . I'm very particular about my equipment, everything sterile & the vials are completely safe.. i also use the ampoules, extra needles always .. change the 1 to extract always using a dif one to inject .

One admission lol.. i was terrified of needles , injections a few years back ..

Not anymore ..been self injecting for 2 years plus now.

Takes 5 mins from starting to injecting instead of 20 mins 2 years ago ..👍🙂

My friend in Germany sends me a box of 100 ampoules at a time & they get here fine

I ordered from Apomex and it went through but the next day I got a refund saying they can't ship to UK. I had tried on Amazon.de but they seemed to be out of 100 vials. I (hope) I have successfully ordered from Apohealth as it says shipped. The cost was £77.82 total, including shipping (shipping was only 4.99 euros). is it ok to provide these following details?


Thanks will take a look

PhilAB in reply to mountainice

Hi, it won't let me add to my cart.

Maybe they have run out, you can add the small boxes to cart (10 ampoules).

You can order multiple boxes although the cost is a little higher.

You could try this one too. Looks like they are delivering to UK still shop.apotal.de/vitamin-b12-...

Thank you. Just accepted my order so fingers crossed!shop.apotel.de

mountainice in reply to PhilAB

It went in straight away for me, is it in stock still?

In stock just not accepting my post code

Parody103mg in reply to PhilAB

Same here. Have created account but can't add to cart - maybe run out?

I have just ordered with Amazon de as I have an account.

mountainice in reply to Cali25

I do too, but when I tried yesterday there were no 100 vials.

Cali25 in reply to mountainice

Yes I ordered 50 as I still have some although the date is getting short.

mountainice in reply to Cali25

If you see my previous post, I have since asked a FB forum I am on and found out that Hevert has always been 2ml vials, so now I need to inject 2mls in order to get the same efficacy as 1ml. The annoying thing is if I had searched for Rotexmedica it would have come up with the 100 vials from them, but I didn't, I searched for Vitamin B12 Depot and under that search the 100 didn't show. Now I will have to get 2ml into my leg! Oh well, will have to think of it as a learning curve.

Cali25 in reply to mountainice

I bought the Rotexmedica

mountainice in reply to Cali25

Wish I had!

Hi.. i have just ordered 100 ampules out of pure panick. I have been emailed that ordee has been dispatched.. do you want 50 of them if they actually arrive.. cost price obviously..

Well, this is confusing. Very fast delivery but confusing. I ordered on the 4th January and received the package today! It doesn't look like my normal one (as in packaging) and I went online to look at apohealth. On the outside of the package it says Hydroxocobalamin but in the ingredients next to the product it says:

water, sodium acetate, sodium chloride, cyanocobalamin

Also, they are 2ml vials ! On the vial it says 1000ug and then 2ml but I thought 1000ug is 1ml! the whole thing is confusing.

Should I query this with them?

I used to use Hevert , but now use Rotexmedica, because I prefer to inject just 1ml , as it’s quicker . The Hevert 2ml ampoules contain the same amount of B12 i.e. 1 mg . but are in 2 ml of saline instead of 1ml NO - 1000 mcg is a weight and not a liquid measurement . I once ordered Cynocobalamin by mistake -as I think you have . I can assure you that they work as well as the Hydroxocobalamin. It is said that Hydroxocobalamin stays in the system longer, but I found no difference -but I inject weekly . I think I prefer Hydroxocobalamin because it is the form of B12 that is used in the U.K. Cynocobalamin is the form that is widely used in the USA , without any problems . Best wishes .

Well, I am totally unsure as to what it is. It says hydroxo on the box and the leaflet but online, in the ingredients, it is cyano, but this could just be a mistake by whoever did the uploading of the content. I am not looking forward to 2ml, I hope it will be just as easy as 1ml. Thanks, the 1000mcg confused the issue. I hope it is hydroxo.

You should find out what it is by looking at an ampoule. It will be written in tiny writing on the glass ampoule.

Hi, I have had a look at the ampoule and it does not state what is in it. All it says is:Vitamin B12 Depot Hevert


Injektionslosung 2ml

i.v. i.m. s.c.


Verw.bis: 09/22

If it states “DEPOT” , that means that it is Hydroxocobalamin— 100% .

yes, it does, that's good. I found another post of yours where you said that. Interested how you know that.

helvella in reply to mountainice

Where are you looking online? The company's own site? An official German government/health site? Or the greater internet?

mountainice in reply to helvella

Sorry, not sure what you mean

helvella in reply to mountainice

You posted:

but online, in the ingredients, it is cyano,

I am just asking where online you looked!

I can readily find a website which says it contains cyanocobalamin but I can also find websites which say it contains hydroxocobalamin. Having seen mistakes of this sort across a wide range of medicines, multiple countries, manufacturers, etc., I am extremely sceptical of everything I find online. Ending up having faith in the manufacturer's own website, and various official or semi-official websites. In the UK, the MHRA and EMC sites. In the USA, the FDA site.

Specifically, some of the sites which appear to try to cover vast numbers of medicines are often full of repeated information which is at least sometimes inappropriate.

mountainice in reply to helvella

As I said - but online, in the ingredients, it is cyano, but this could just be a mistake by whoever did the uploading of the content -

I meant on the website I was buying from looking at the product ingredients - as follows:


helvella in reply to mountainice

Right - I see now. :-)

The main description seems quite clear (this is an auto translation - my German isn't good enough!):

Vitamin B12 Depot Hevert ampoules: a drug with high-dose vitamin B12 (hydroxyocobalamin acetate)

Vitamin B12 Depot Hevert ampoules are used in cases of vitamin B12 deficiency

According to the doctor's instructions, an ampoule is injected intramuscularly (intravenously or subcutaneously if necessary) up to twice a week

pharmacy-only drug

Hevert-Arzneimittel - Naturopathy from the pharmacy (original product from Germany)

PZN: 06078380

Vitamin B12 Depot Hevert - The high dose vitamin B12 supply

Vitamin B12 is absorbed with food, after complexing with the intrinsic factor formed in the stomach, it is absorbed in the small intestine and stored in the liver. As a catalyst, vitamin B12 has a decisive influence on the structure of the genetic material DNA and is necessary for cell structure and energy metabolism. In addition, the nerve cell functions and the formation of red blood cells depend on a sufficient supply of vitamin B12.

If there is an existing vitamin B12 deficiency, the blood-forming tissues are affected first - this can lead to pernicious anemia. Later, the central and peripheral nervous system are also disturbed, because vitamin B12 is partly responsible for the formation of the myelin sheaths of the nerve cells. The consequences can be mental disorders or spinal cord diseases, which manifest themselves as symptoms of paralysis and with weakened muscle tone. It is not uncommon for the mood to be impaired in the sense of a depressive mood.

Certain drugs such as neomycin or colchicine, proton pump inhibitors, diuretics and oral contraceptives can also lead to vitamin B12 deficiency.

Hydroxocobalamin is the physiological depot form of vitamin B12. Compared to cyanocobalamin, it is characterized by stronger binding to tissue and serum proteins, which means delayed excretion with the urine and thus longer availability for absorption in the tissue stores. By using Vitamin B12 Depot Hevert, the symptoms of the disease as a result of a vitamin B12 deficiency can be quickly and sustainably improved or eliminated.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

But, yes it also (wrongly) says:


Water, sodium acetate, sodium chloride, cyanocobalamin

I suspect they might appreciate having this pointed out to them.

mountainice in reply to helvella

thanks, yes, it could be confusing.

Hi Nigel.DHL are not delivering from Germany to the UK. Whether this is because of Covid or Germany (DHL parent company is the German Post Office) being awkward because of Brexit..... who knows?

I have ordered from Australia............

Just before Christmas (23rd December 2020) I ordered 6 boxes of Hydroxocobalimin 1mg/1ml for injection, 3 ampoules in a box from Aspen Pharmacare Australia Pty Ltd, 34-36 Chandos Street, St Leonards NSW 2065 Australia.


$59.70 + $35.01 shipping. (£55.87 inclusive)

I received them on 7th January 2021.

Not bad considering that Christmas and new year were in the middle.

Hope this helps!

Who needs Europe?

Pass it on..............


wedgewood in reply to barrysteel

We all need Europe ! Those prices you quote are exorbitant! 18 ampoules for £55.87! Terrible .

Another one shop.ludwigsapo.de/vitamin-...

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