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Got on my bike


2 years today since I collapsed and the start of getting a b12 deficiency diagnosis.

I rode my bike!!

Not far (like to the end if the road and back) but really chuffed ad it's the first thing ive done that feels normal.

My balance was fine .

Better than walking actually lol.

Tiny steps.

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Hooray that’s fantastic news Nackapan. So pleased for you and thanks for sharing. X

Nackapan in reply to Narwhal10

It's a start!


I must sell my bike. I bought it for £800 just before I started to get really bad. Ridden it four times and my balance is so bad I'll never ride it again.

Nackapan in reply to fbirder

Yes you are safer walking !

speechless with admiration ! So.........👍👍👍

Nackapan in reply to wedgewood

Thank you

That’s brilliant news - well done

Nackapan in reply to Janma123

Will hopefully keep it up. Slowly slowly like a child on their first new bike lol


Fantastic news 👏👏⭐️X

Nackapan in reply to Foggyme

Thanks. It did feel good and a bike has always been so normal to me as brought up without a car so cycling transport from a very early age.

I was amazed I could balance . Early days but chuffed. I'm on the bed now lol

That's excellent progress! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. We've all been praying for you throughout this.

Nackapan in reply to Seth12345

Thanks. Its a start.

Great to have some positive news.

Nackapan in reply to Sleepybunny

Yes a bot of positive news goes a long way!

Well done you really pleased for you xx

Nackapan in reply to Thrones

Well it make a change . Hope it goes well next time I try. Wont be today looking outside!!

Thrones in reply to Nackapan

Gosh no youll be paddling today not pedalling 🤣

Nackapan in reply to Thrones

No staying in today!!

Thrones in reply to Nackapan

Me too they said high winds later along with the rain so im staying put.its lovely now to be able to look at the garden and the lovely big tree out there first thing I did was buy a birdhouse and loads of food,my cats are fat indoor cats so the birds are perfectly safe and the feeding house keeps the cats entertained.stay safe nackapan xx

Nackapan in reply to Thrones

Enjoy your new house with a garden.😼😼 🌷🌳

Thrones in reply to Nackapan

Thank you I couldn’t be happier x

That’s amazing! I know how hard that would have been x

Yes. I suddenly made up my mind to at least try.

I’m so happy for you! It must feel so good to return to something you love.

It just felt normal for me. Brief but normal.

So pleased for you 😊


Well done!

Nackapan in reply to Kerrierach


awesome - that's wonderful news:)

Nackapan in reply to ClareP5

Yes I had no idea how it would go .

Try and try again. Thanks

Nackapan in reply to ClareP5

Yes a start thanks

Yes will try and repeat it soon. Small but significant. Thanks. People on here get it more than friends!

Wonderful tiny steps as you say but you’ll be going good and proper in no time so you keep it up each time you do you’ll feel marvellous so very pleased for you 👏👍

Nackapan in reply to Lasue

Yes. No idea how it was going to go. So rollercoaster. Fatigue is so awful isnt it. Needs a new name.

Fantastic, well done! Something you’ve been wanting to do so that’s just great!

Nackapan in reply to JanD236

Yes I was sad at the thought of never riding it again. Long way to go go yet. A start.

So good to hear this.! After a horrid experience when I tried to ride my bike last year I've not felt up to trying to ride it this year. Hoping my balance improves enough to have another go. Like you I've riden a bike all my life and I miss it. You've given me some hope x

Nackapan in reply to Showgem

Yes . Tiny progress. I only went up the road and back. Balance was good though.

Perhaps get a lower bike ?

I can't see me doing my weekly shop yet!! Just har to try and mark 2 tests with some progress . Could've gone wrong very easily a I've no ide how my body responds. I still walk in a circle si I can get back.

Showgem in reply to Nackapan

The trouble is we live half way up a hill in the countryside. I ran out of steam and strength on the up hill. Downhill was okay ish but I was so slow trying to cycle on the uphill slope I just couldn't keep my balance, fell and collapsed in a heap on the road. After sitting there a while getting my breath and the use of my legs back I walked home leaning on the bike and went to bed and couldn't do anything for days.

Perhaps we need to get a bike carrier and drive somewhere flat to start with!

At least I'm walking without a Walker now so you never know 🙂

Nackapan in reply to Showgem

Oh yes you need flat. I cant cope walking uo a slow let alone cycle.

Great you are walking without an aide.

At the start I coukdnt walk without bouncing off walls even getting g to the bathroom.

I got stuck on a walk once my legs just went like jelly. That was after a small slope . Had to sit there for ages . Got home and got a migraine for my efforts. I'm in Essex so pretty flat I thought before this condition!

Good idea getting your bike somewhere flatter.

Fantastic ,one step at a time (or should i say one pedal rotation at a time) so pleased to hear you are improving :)

Nackapan in reply to pitney

Definitely. Rollercoaster. On my bed again this a.m but more bearable when you've actually done something

Aw yay so happy for you ❤️ Xx

Nackapan in reply to Vps1980


CherylclaireForum Support

You go, girl !

Happy to hear that you've got wheels- but take it easy, okay ?

Great news.

Oh yes im being careful.,dont want to lose more teeth!🤭

Very early days.

Lovely feeling though.

Had no idea if I'd balance.

Thanks . Hope you okay.

CherylclaireForum Support in reply to Nackapan

- I was thinking more about you risking another fall.

Don't worry about teeth- you can always have some of mine, Nackapan -

I've got 4 on the "at risk" list now !

Oh no!!

Wonderful news - well done !! 👍😃 x

Nackapan in reply to Ghound

Yes its progress . Thanks

Wow that's great.

So pleased for you.

Nackapan in reply to barbegrub

Thank you so much

Nackapan, what a beautiful post to find this morning. Made my day. So happy for you.


"Better than walking actually lol."

I live on my bike. And from day one it has always been easier than walking. With walking, I still have to say "right - left - right - left" in my head. People think I am fine watching me walk but it just isn't there YET. I also still have proprioception issues. And mentally talking to myself is exhausting.

But for whatever reason biking has always been better and easier. And I am so incredibly thankful to have that ability.

Just wonderful news Nackapan!! Enjoy.

Well done! You have just reminded me about mine

Nackapan in reply to Gsd2011

I got mine 'serviced ' as hadnt ridden it for over 2 years. A local person was setting up a small business and collected it. I had to make sure it was safe!

Gsd2011 in reply to Nackapan

I actually forgot my lovely bike was covered up in shed it's coming out I mean it Thank you I hope you get out n enjoy at least a bit of what we enjoyed before these horrible auto immune problems that knock the stuffing out of you still battling along but so much better but not as I was

That's the best news I've heard all day! Thank you so much for sharing, and giving me hope :-)

Nackapan in reply to btlover

Thank you. Only a start. But felt great!

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