Got my b12 and needles now what hahaha

I have just received my hydroxocobalamin and I sent my blood results and someone suggested I inject 2mg daily for 2 weeks then 2mg twice a week for 4 weeks until it's 2 injections a month. So my question is what now? Hahaha I have looked on you tube, read online and everyone seems to do the injections different. I would be happy doing it in the muscle in my leg, my needles are 23g 1" and the syringe's are 2.5mg.

Do I have to change needle after drawing up b12?

Do I gather muscle up (sort of pinching it) before I inject?

Do I have to draw back plunger to check for blood?

Any help would be greatly received.

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  • Hi, dont think we can tell you a really right or really wrong way to do it. Like the condition itself many of us use a different way of injecting.

    The use of two needles is so the possibility of the first one which draws up doesn't get blunt at the bottom of the vial and cause you more discomfort when going into skin.

    I dont gather flesh prior to injecting but some do. Im chunky enough. Nor Do i draw back to look for blood as im a slow bleeder.

    It is a bit of trial and error, and personal preference, if it hurts then stop is how i do it. Also slow plunge but others can do it fast.

  • I done it and still alive, it stung like a t**t though. Hope I get used to it, I have a headache from panicking too much I think hahaha

  • Needle never hurt going in but it was the liquid that hurt. I put it in slowly like dr done it in my arm

  • Away you go then. Onwards and upwards as they say. Lets hope it gives you a significant improvement in your symptoms.

  • I'm hoping so, I find it hard to catch my breath and my fingers and toes tingle and burn. Thank you

  • Can i just ask if you have had coeliac test done?

  • I had a one to see if I was gluten intolerant if that's it, and no I'm not allergic to gluten. I had a hysterectomy when I was 27 as I had cervical cancer and been low in b12 since but dr's have done nothing to help and now I'm suffering because of it, I can't walk in the morning or if I sit down for longer than 5 mins. So hoping this will help. My b12 was 157 on blood test a couple of weeks back.

  • I'm new to injecting too, I find I have a small bruise on some nothing others times... I also sting a bit sometimes too... I've done 6... I won't get the beed at the end of needle in second needle as I think that can sting... Also, no fridge ampoules and I do mine out of the shower No swab as if you don't let that dry it can sting... Keep at it... I'm not feeling as great straight away as others but I'll give it a few months 😊 x

  • The more relaxed you are, the less it stings and the more you do, the more relaxed you will be.

    Some people have said that it stings less if the B12 is at body temperature too.

    Well done for doing your first one.

  • Kells, the liquid does not sting if it is warmed in your fist first...try it and see!

  • Thank you, I will try that tomorrow. Omg I nearly cried last time 😂😂

  • Someone also suggested that they hold the plastic needle cover between their teeth to give them courage. I also give the spot on my thigh a good slap before squeezing it up to inject. Don't feel a thing, then. Hang in there it gets easier. Also, be sure to take supplements outlined elsewhere on this site. BTW, bananas are a great source of potassium.

  • Also inject slow and steady, I inject 1ml over about 10 seconds

  • Yep we go slow too, I was told to inject 2ml daily for 2 weeks then 2ml 2 times a week then 2ml twice a month.....does this sound right? I was also told to desolve a lozenge under my tongue twice a day.....I thought I felt a difference yesterday but today I can't move off sofa 😩 So tired although I'm not noticing the pins and needles in my fingers as much.

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