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Self injecting b12


Please does anyone have any links for everything I need to self inject b12? Obviously including the b12 ampules

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Did your appointment not go well?

No she was so defensive and I couldn't get across what I wanted to say. There is still hope as I have to go for a blood test tomorrow to check b12 levels, although my loaded doses was just 3 months ago so worried they will hinder the results so I have to wait the 6 months!

Thank you very much for your reply, I have checked but it says item no longer available, I will keep looking, thank you again

The needles were from medisave.

If you look through posts links are given by wedgwood fbirder and others.

Needles for drawing up b12 green 23G

Blue needles 25G the nurses use for IM

Syringes 2ml. Must be compatible with needles you buy.

An ampoule snapper I've found really good.

A sharpest box I bought from a chemist for £1.80. They collect when full.

I do sc injections at home. I use a 30G needle (yellow) 1/2 " long. Can use 27-30zG for subcutaneous.

Thanks , the syringes are so confusing

Sorry. Blue is 23G fir Injecting 1-11/2 "

Green is 21G 11/2" for drawing up b12

Not well so present...only excuse

mountainice in reply to Nackapan

I have been using blue 1.25 inch to inject in thigh as I was following what someone else did at the time when I began. I think 1 inch would have done as I am slimmish. I have many needles left so don't really want to rebuy; does it matter if I don't push needle in all the way?

Nackapan in reply to mountainice

I dont really know.

I cant see how it would effect your injection if deep enough .

Probably easier to administer pushed completely in unless you have a good technique

I've only done subcutaneous injections .

How amenable is your surgery ? If they know you self injecting the nurse may give you an inch long needle to try .or perhaps a chemist would sell a smaller amount?

mountainice in reply to Nackapan

Surgery not amenable I am afraid. Well, been on monthly jabs with the surgery since June 15 (my retired gp always willing to try). New gp just wants to stick to the rules. I have been self-injecting as well since April 2019 and the new gp knew this. I had never told a nurse. After jabs for everyone reinstated a couple of weeks ago owing to Covid I had already written a note online to the practice that I had been self-injecting and could I come in for my jab. I therefore thought nurses might know, so when I went for the injection I told them. There were two - a helper and one in charge, not seen them before. The one in charge, especially, was horrified I was injecting every 10 days. 'I have never heard of it, you will get too much' - the usual stuff they say. She said I would have to speak with the gp but I said she knows already. I get a call from the gp last week and now there is a big query over it. She could end up in court if I get ill, I need to have my levels checked. The call was 10 minutes and I did fight my corner and actually owned up to now self-treating for thyroid as not getting anywhere with consultants. I even said how come it was ok with you as you knew I was self-treating but now that the nurses know, and the wider practice (as she was going to talk to a senior doctor) it's not ok. She had no answer. I have agreed to a test even though I know I shouldn't. The previous phone call she had told me my levels are 2000 and I don't need injections any more! I said I can't absorb so I do need them. One good thing to come out of it, she is going to check my thyroid levels (though I did tell her I have just done a home test, and I also asked for Vitamin D, Ferritin and Folate to be tested so that is getting done too). I wonder though, as you suggest, I could get an inch long needle to try or in the chemist a smaller amount, that is a very good idea.

I use green to draw up, orange to inject. Totally painless.

What gauge is the orange needle? I've heard of orange being used for sc as well

It’s a bit longer than the blue one. You only need short for SC I’m told.

Yes short for sc. I just wondered about gauge. Ivr looked it up and it apprars to be 25g

So finer than 23 g blue used by nurses . Same length though

OK, just going by what I was told here as wanted to be sure it hit the muscle. Works for pain :)

Just interested . As orange needle finer . That's good

I use green to draw up and blue to inject, can you advise which are the orange needles you use please and if you inject intramuscular? Thank you

Ive mailed you a copy of my order Teresa that’ll give you the info on needles.

I use green to draw and orange to inject I’m.painless as said.good luck

Thank you, do you inject into your thigh?

No top of arm really easy.x

I use microlance3 and inject into thigh. They screw on, so easy to use. Tried to add pics for you but it won’t let me.

Make sure you get a print of your blood results

Yes I will do. Thank you

Try bodfield-apotheke for ampoules and Medisave for needles and syringes .

Thank you I have ordered the ampules but the needles and syringes, where do I start?

clivealiveForum Support

Hi Hellywelly1980

I have just received a delivery from Medisave of 100 of each item for just over £20 in total

Green needles to draw up the b12 21G 1"

Blue needles to inject 23G (the nurse uses for IM)

2ml nevershare syringes as they fit all needles .

I wish you well.

Hi clivealive thanks for that I've found the green but confused about the blue ?

The blue needles are the ones that you use to do the injection (having discarded the green one that was used to draw up the B12 as that may have touched the glass vial and become blunt).

Morning jand236 sorry I should of made that clear I understand about the two . Just couldn't find the right ones to inject as there was so many to choose from. Thank you for your help

clivealiveForum Support in reply to Hellywelly1980

All the info as it appeared on the invoice for the two types of needle

BD Microlance 3 Needles Green 21g x 1.5" x 100

1 UB 1.63 1.63 1 20.00 0.33

23G 1" (25mm) Needle (Short Blue) - Unisharp X


Hope this helps

Night night

Morning Clivealive yes a great help thank you I was unsure about the length.

Nackapan in reply to clivealive

Thinks for correction!

Got it right for you.

Not done that before

I use the green to draw up and the orange to inject as I’m quite slim in my arms.x

I sent you a pm with a copy of what I usually order from Medisave hope it helps x

Thrones great that you

Ljbillo in reply to Thrones

Hi thrones. Would you also mind sending it to me too please. Trying to get as much in depth information as I can 😁

Thrones in reply to Ljbillo

Good morning Ljbillo.message sent x

On the Medisave website they say what syringes are compatible with what needles. Also there is a chart of needle sizes saying in what range needle size is used for IM and SC

Thrones uses orange 25G in slim arms for IM some use the orange for sc in a bigger thigh!

The higher the number the finer the needle .

The nurses use blue for Injecting IM 23G. She said used for all as a safe gauge even for children.

Hope it goes well

Ljbillo in reply to Nackapan

Nackapan, does it make a difference injecting im/sc? I just assumed with pa it had to be im?

Thrones in reply to Ljbillo

I don’t think there’s much difference I have heard people say because it started out being given im nhs just haven’t bothered to change things and there’s no reason it can’t be done sc.theres lots of variations on it some say Sc stays in the system longer so it’s like a slower release but I’m not sure how correct this is.

Nackapan in reply to Ljbillo

I think quite a few use sc.

I couldnt face IM at home and am having sc weekly and at present IM monthly to 6 weekly at the surgery.

On the b12 ampoule box it does state IM or SC (from Germany)

It's not licensed in the UK for sc.

Its early days. I find sc less painful.

I think it goes into your symptom more slowly as IM i mostly have a reaction.

I'm assuming (dont know) IM is used thinking it will last longer?(NHS)

Sc was used then changed without any research I can find as to why?

Many on here use sc but I've noticed at frequent intervals.

Was on 2 weekly injections for a year . Then did alternate sc at home. Only recently gone to weekly as been poorly again .

I’ve done both, but find IM much easier and quicker, no faffing about, just straight in 🙂

Thrones in reply to Lurcher-lady

I noticed that when I was injecting my arm once needle got say half way in you could feel the resistance and had to slightly increase the pressure on plunger,this is apparently how you know it’s going into the muscle,it’s not unpleasant I’m just telling in case anyone else finds this and freaks a bit,it’s nothing to worry about.x

Lurcher-lady in reply to Thrones

I don’t give it that chance, just stab quickly like throwing a dart and it’s in, no chance of resistance.

That's good to know. I just go straight in with sc

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