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Self Injecting B12


Hello everyone, Im new here.

I had a doctors appointment today and she agreed to allowing me to SI (I'm a Nurse). When I asked about syringes/needles etc she was unsure. Do any of you get these on prescription? I will be getting the b12 vials on prescription (I have a pre-payment card because of how many items i receive each month). Thank you! :)

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I suggest that you follow up with your GP on the issue syringes and needles. They aren't prescription only items and most who are uk based seem to source them from Medisave.

Cankita in reply to Gambit62

If your GP is going to charge you for syringes/needles or give you a prescription you have to pay for then you might be better going to Medisave - 100 syringes plus needles for just over seven quid (plus shipping).

Best bet is to move up to Scotland and get a refund on your pre-payment card. We don't have to pay for prescriptions up here!

Just wondering if the doctor would have refused if you were not a nurse (or other medically trained person)?

After all, the typical age at which diabetic children (in the Oxford area of England) move to self-injecting is 12, with 14 being described as "late". Are PA sufferers less capable, less responsible, or less any-other-able than diabetic teenagers? :-)

I ask with a bit of a laugh, but I really do wonder why the medical establishment seems so unwilling to countenance self-injecting?

Gambit62Administrator in reply to helvella

problem is the fixation with intra-muscular injections and a mistaken elief that B12 can't be injected subQ - whereas insulin is subQ ... and these days they have insulin pens as well most of the time for insulin but sadly not for B12.

I got my syringes free from Superdrug plus all the paraphernalia. They used to do a needle exchange years ago for all. Now its just for addicts, the assistant saw how dissapointed I was and suggested that I took the kit on the grounds of being an addict. She gave me 50 syringes. Well enough to keep me going.

Until the surgery management stopped my jabs, despite the support of my Dr and the neurologist, I used to get my syringes and needles along with my ampoules.

So far I have been lucky enough to still get my sharps boxes exchanged!

Just a word of caution... if you need to inject quite often, it might well be worth buying back up ampoules and injection kit to tide you over if there is a ever a problem getting them from your surgery.

You can use them in series with your prescription ones so they don't go out of date.

Go for it!

Hi I am a nurse too and I self inject too. The surgery will not issue me my 10 weekly vial or syringes, needles, sharps box. I opted due to neuro involvement to SI as per BNF guidelines at 1 inj every 2 days. I did that for a year and 8 months and I am now on weekly. I purchase my B12 from germany and I buy my needles and syringes on amazon. After buying my first sharps box I didnt need to buy another as once full I take to the chemist and swap afull one for an empty one. I was scared about buying my own B12 online but having joined the Pernicious anaemia and B12 deficiency support group on facebook and reading through all of the information files I felt happier knowing that injectable B12 can be bought over the counter in many countries in the same way we buy paracetamol over here in the UK. If you join the group there are files about where to buy your syringes, needles and B12, the sources are safe shops, the syringes and needles sterile in heat sealed packaging.

Although a nurse for 30 years I was shocked by how vital B12 is to life. I now know how ill you get when you are depleated. Hope this info helps you. slso check ut

I self inject monthly, I get my ampoules on prescription and the nurse gives me syringes and needles when I need them, I just go in and ask for more.

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