B12 Self Injecting

B12 Self Injecting


So, I have the needles and my B12 arrived from Germany yesterday. I ordered Vitamin B12 Depot Hevert Wirkstoff:Hydroxocobalaminacetat 1000ug. My Doc gives me an injection once every 3 months, however since my loading dose, I know I need them more frequently, but he wont budge, so I have had to resort to self injecting. How do I know this stuff is safe? I read lots of forums and other people have recommended this source, but, how do I know what I am actually injecting is what what was ordered? It looks the real mccoy!!!


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  • That's what I've been injecting regularly for several years. I'm still alive.

  • Thanks Engels, do you use a special blunt to draw the B12 with a filter. One post I read stated you should incase some glass drops in when snapping the Ampules?


  • No. I just use one 30mm (1.25 inch) 23g needle. Snap the top off the ampoule, attach the needle to the syringe, draw up the B12 and inject.

  • Exactly!

  • Please could you tell me where you order this from. Many thanks.

  • I get mine (the exact same stuff) from Amazon.de - if you're familiar with Amazon.uk then it's fairly easy to navigate, especially with some help from Google Translate.

  • Did send a private message but exactly the same for me. The site also has thier own English language version.

    I'm still shocked that no one uses a filtered blunt to draw from glass ampoules as this does seem to be the recommended practice.


  • I follow exactly the same procedure as the practise nurse that did my first six injections, then walked me through the whole procedure, including jabbing myself, for the next three.

    That uses a large needle for the draw-up and a smaller one for the jab. If one uses a single needle then it can get bluted by rubbing against the bottom of the vial.

    Glass fragments don't seem to be a problem with the NHS ampoules as they're well-scored. The ones from Hevert don't seem to have such good scoring, so I use these - sepha.com/en/products/view/...

  • Hi

    I didn't know you could get them Amazon?Are they expensive?Are they the Ampoules the one dose? Could you let me know the suppliers on Amazon.

    Many thanks.

  • It's Amazon in Germany that supplies B12. However, I now get them from versandapo in Germany. They have an English version of their web site. Do a search for B12 ampullen and you'll get lots of hits. I think they're all one dose per ampoule. 


  • Thanks fbirder I will have a look.

  • Medical professionals draw up with 1 needle then swap the needle before injecting

  • I use that one twice a week with normal needles. Used over 50 ampules and im still here

  • In 43 years I've never seen my nurse swap needles and I'm still "clivealive" aged 74 :D

  • The nurse that used to do my injections always changed the needle but never used a filter needle. She told me that she did it because the needle can be blunted if it is scraped on the inside of the ampoule and a blunt needle can be quite painful if used for the injection. I always take care when drawing up and haven't had a problem so far.

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