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B12 and disturbed vision


In 2018 I had v bad symptoms ie couldn’t concentrate,couldn’t walk, tremors, headaches, was on bed... couldn’t stand then was diagnosed with b12 deficiency.. symptoms r improving but I have had disturbed vision which is not improving.. eyes specialist said my eyes r ok... can any one tell did they hav disturbed vision because of this deficiency and isi it improved?

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I was just diagnosed with b12 deficiency and I started b12 shots about 3 weeks ago. My neurological symptoms like burning, tingling, numbness have disappeared.

But my vision is still disturbed. I’m praying it comes back soon. I’m also very sensitive to light.

Blurred vision is a common symptom of b12d. I had two types. Sudden blurred vision of the near distance lasting seconds and long sighted blurring which lasted longer. I only need glasses for reading so, likebyou, my sight is good.

Gunj_redjem in reply to Alfabeta

Is ur eyes symptoms sorted after b12 treatment?

Alfabeta in reply to Gunj_redjem

The short vision blurring went almost as soon as treatment started the long distant vision came and went for about 18 months but ceased and hasn’t recurred after four years.

I do, and was going to do ophthalmologist every 3 months for the past 3years because they were thinking and are still saying that I had borderline glaucoma. They weaned the appointments to every 6 months and I just called and scheduled one because my vision is getting worse. My optic nerve is large and I think that’s the problem. I don’t know if it’s related to my PA but I’m having a hell of a time with it.

My vision went insane, my Dr. couldn't believe her eyes I went up 4 sizes in glasses, blurred vision, everything was sideways and my brain didn't read any of this as abnormal. I am still almost 3 yrs later in injections and massive vision problems hoping one day it all goes away. I shake my head a lot but that doesn't help lol. Hope yours get better soon

Did b12 work somehow in improving ur vision?

I don't see things sideways anymore I do read things sideways though. I still can't read boxes or labels magazines etc also have blurred vision but there's a lot that hasn't gone away. I still have white skin, my nails look like washboards, numbness and tingling muscle spasms. I still bump into things I am still off-balance, I can't remember things from 5 mins ago I still have falls, I have heart palpitations, I still have bowel issues my list goes on and on these are every day, but not as severe, so I know its getting better.

All the best u will surely get better in some more time... how often r u now taking shots?

once a month

Have ur levels increased?

I went all the way to 1380 I think it was and then I dropped to 500 on next test they were 2 mo apart

I recently went in for my eye exam. I have been wearing glasses for 53 yrs, I am 62. I have all kinds of weird things happening with my eyes. I go back for glaucoma testing the first of Nov. The Dr did say that my eyes would be better with contacts. I used to wear hard lenses, then switched to gas perm. I went to a new Dr and he made them all wrong and I was no longer able to wear. My new Dr says he will make them using the same type of lens of the ones I was wearing. I am having double vision at times, retina issues with floaters, and he kept saying stuff I had no idea what he was talking about. It does have me concerned. I had no idea that PA would cause eye issues. I have MS, Fibro, Limited Scleroderma, Hashimoto's and PA. I thought the PA was the least of my issues, but now I am wondering about that.

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