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Blurry Vision!


Blurry vision! Has anyone had experience with blurry vision since their b12 deficiency? For me, it is mostly seeing things far away.. anything that is not within about 3-5 feet seems blurry and hard for me to focus. Will this get better and how long did it take?

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My vision has been a real problem since being b12 deficient. Also light sensitivity to artificial lighting a real bind. I wear prescription glasses and have now got stronger ones. For me it's still not right eyes feel strained and trying to read sets my head buzzing. my first B12 serum test was 106 in October 2018. It is improving but very slowly. Not enough to be able to drive yet or watch TV. Everyone is different. I don't know how long your sight has been giving you problems. I did go to the Optician to get my eyes health checked so if you haven't done that I would go. I'm hoping for much more improvement. Others on here have had good results. I wish you well

kjl3 in reply to Nackapan

I’m sorry yours is so bad, 106 is very low. Are you on injections or supplements? I hope that it improves for you.

Nackapan in reply to kjl3

I initially had a loading dose of injections then was put on 2 monthly injections but symptoms returned well some never went so on the advise on here I kept going back. 6 weeks later another g.p agreed to start every other day until further improvement I start my 3rd week tomorrow. So slow but improvements are happening . I'm hopeful. Thank you

Yes, definitely - it was awful the first year I was diagnosed and couldn't be cured by a change in prescription.

However after a year of plenty of B12, a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium, magnesium and iron I noticed all bare winter trees had twigs again!

3 years on, if it starts to be blurry again now, I find it usually means my magnesium levels have dropped.

kjl3 in reply to deniseinmilden

So glad to hear that it improved! Did you do b12 injections or a supplement?

deniseinmilden in reply to kjl3

1.5mg in 1ml injections every day.

kjl3 in reply to deniseinmilden

After how long did you start to see a difference?

deniseinmilden in reply to kjl3

I'm really sorry but I had so much brain damage with it at the time I can't really remember but I know it was weeks if not months. The recovery didn't happen as quickly as it could have done because it took a while to get everything balanced and I couldn't believe how much of everything I needed!

The improvement was fairly gradual too and I only really noticed when the trees lost their leaves and I realised that I could see all the twigs and buds, etc, that year when I hadn't the year before.


I was diagnosed 6 years ago as b12 deficient. I had bouts of blurred vision. Type one was distant blurring. Type two was close blurred vision. Type one went gradually, typevtwo went almost as soon as injections started. The blurred vision was intermittent and lasted about 10 seconds at most.

Hope this helps.

kjl3 in reply to Alfabeta

Has yours improved at all? Do you SI?

Alfabeta in reply to kjl3

I don’t self inject and my blurred vision stopped soon after injections started.

Yes and i am afraid mine only improves for a couple of weeks just after i inject and then goes down hill again makes getting my eyes tested a nightmare, one thing that helps me a little is a dry eye spray that i use twice a day

kjl3 in reply to pitney

Thank you! I may get my eyes checked just to be sure it is only b12 related.


Have you had your eyes tested? What you are describing does sound like short-sightedness. It may be that this has been going on for some time but the B12 is something that has crystalised your consciousness of it.

It was a very long time ago but the only reason I realised I was short-sighted when I was much younger was trying my brother's glasses on and finding I could see much clearer with them on. And at that point, friends were still relying on me to tell them the numbers of buses when we were at the bus stop - although I couldn't focus my ability to interpret the numbers was still much better than theirs :)

kjl3 in reply to Gambit62

That may be a possibility, just didn’t notice it until after antibiotics and steroid that probably cause my deficiency. I am having sensitivity to certain lights as well. Hopefully will improve with injections(i am going to start SI every other day). I will get my eyes checked also though. Thank you!

Hi kjl3,

I have double vision, which I'm guessing started before I was ever diagnosed with b12 deficiency. At first it was only under intense florescent lights, affecting my ability to read. In recent years it got much worse, especially if I read on my phone. Fortunately it will go away if I just focus on longer distances, at least to the point it doesn't bother me. Florescent lights remain an issue.

If you haven't had your vision checked, that's the first step. If the doctor doesn't find anything, then it could be b12 related.

kjl3 in reply to Linda730

Thank you! I will look into this :-)

Not sure if this is any help,? but I have Just been reading/googling about vitamin B1 deficiency and that has blurry eyes as one of its symptoms. Then I was watching a TV program this morning about a Vet treating a cow that had vision and dizziness problems and the vet said he would be using vitamin B1 and the cow should be OK soon 😀😀

I too had vision problems that have almost all the way improved since injections. I self inject every other day for 8 weeks now. The more frequent your injections the faster you will see symptoms improve.

You've described it exactly how it is affecting me. It's the long distance. Sometimes one eye, sometimes both and it comes and go. I'd forgotten it was a symptom until I looked them up again. It was especially bad this morning and sure enough, it's been a month since my last injection. I need them every 4 to 6 weeks.

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