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Vision problems still after loading doses


I still have bad vision problems..

Night blindness

Constant static vision

Halos at night around light

Little flashes in vision

Shimmering vision (like on a hot day mirage effect)

Blurred vision


Double vision

Tired eyes

Has anyone also suffered with there vision when low on b12. My levels where 133 they are now 1500 post loading doses but these symptoms still reamin as does my stiff neck and shoulders and numbness.

How long does it take for body to heal. Im not due any injections now as my levels are normal


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I have some of these symptoms. Have you looked up "Visual Snow"?

I think in my case they are linked to some sort of migraine process. Sadly mine seems permanent.

Have you ever seen a migraine specialist?

Found this thread on HU which may be of interest.

My symptoms are constant.. also dry eye. So i doubt its migrane. What are your symptoms? My eyes wer great until my symptoms started with b12. I just know they are linked .. thanks for the info.

I have TV static in my vision, halos, after images.

I was told by a neurologist that it was a form of migraine.

Im waiting on neurologist app. I too have halos rainbow ones too. Its worrying isnt it when your vision is involved. My b12 doesnt seem to be improving those symptoms although i was only given loading doses.


Mullane, I have dry eyes and a mild form of nystagmus and mild double vision. The jury is out on the cause. I'm with the eye department having regular tests. I get what they refer to as stomach migraines, no headache involved but nausea. I sometimes get a headache next day after my b12 jab but I just think it's doing me good and it goes. The neurologists I've seen are baffled by my symptoms but hopefully you will meet with success.

PA is a strange illness at times. You could telephone Pernicious Anaemia Society for advice.

All the best. X


Migraine like symptoms are certainly on the list of B12 deficiency symptoms.

My migraines are alos linked to changes in hormones and include many/most of the features listed avobe.

I find B6 helps but its one vitamin it is possible to overdose on so supplement carefully (certainly not more than 100mg a day).

Unfortunately peoples responses to B12 deficiency and also their responses to treatment vary a lot so it isn't psssible to give you any timescales and it also isn't possible to guarantee that the problem will go - I still get tinnitus, some migraines but a lot of other symptoms go when I treat myself with the doses I need ... though I do find that I need to use a mix of forms (hydroxo, methyl and adenosyl) to cover all of the symptoms.

A lot of people seem to report not really noticing much for about 6 months - and don't think I really noticed anything for 6 months .... but then I also wasn't aware of what I should/might be looking for. I also continued to get worse on standard treatment and only actually started to really improve when I started treating myself.

I found a newspaper article that described Visual Snow as visual tinnitus.

This is interesting as my vision seems to be worse when my tinnitus is.. my tinnitus has progressed from a ringing to a wooshing pulsing noise like my ears are blocked. Also worse when i stand up from sitting down.. i pray for the day i become better. Started to self inject.. 1ml weekly. Feeling great!

You mentioned you have dry eyes? I have most of your symptoms, and with dry eyes and mouth. I was just diagnosed with SJogrens Disease, 3 days ago. It's an autoimmune illness that attacks your tear ducts and salivary glands. It can also cause arthritis symptoms. You may want to Google Sjogrens and go over the symptoms. And B12 won't help with dry eyes, whatever the cause. Unfortunately.

Do you have glare and rainbow halos? How do they detect sjorgens? Ive been to an eye specialist and he diagnosed migranes and dry eye. I know its not migranes.. my night vision is terrible could that be dry eye?

Have you seen an eye specialist, or optician at the very least?

mullane_s86 in reply to JanD236

Yes they cant find anything other than dry eye. But these symptoms started with my vertigo and i just know its b12 related. But thing is. My doc gave me loading doses and checked my bloods right after and coz its 1500 im not to have anymore for 2 years! Im still very symptomatic.

JanD236 in reply to mullane_s86

With or without the eye issues if you have PA you shouldn't wait 2 years for your next B12 injection! Your doc isn't following the guidelines at all.

I have had blurred vision - eyes checked out OK and after 12 month's B12 treatment it has almost disappeared. I need fortnightly IM injections or daily SC jabs, so getting enough B12 was critical for me to lose my symptoms. Good luck.


helvella in reply to jaycre8tive


Not everyne can convert betacarotene adequately. Conversion is impaired in, for example, hypothyroidism.

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