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Where to b12 ampules

Hi every one who is awake,

I have been buying my medication from Goldpharma in Germany but when I went to purchase my usual order B 12 Depot-Rotexmedica 10 Amp I see they do not do that brand anymore and can only see VITAMIN B12 DEPOT HEVERT 10 AMP.

Can anyone advise please. Many thanks.

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I've had a quick look and the Hevert brand ones seem to be 1mg hydroxocobalamin (what you want) but in 2ml ampoules (twice as much volume of carrier to inject) so not ideal.

The Rotexmedica 1mg hydroxocobalamin in 1ml ampoules are available this morning (and usually) from versandapo.de

The site has an English translation version which can be found by clicking on the Union Jack πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ or if you want you can download "Google Translate" and it will then automatically convert the site to English.

When ordering from some of the German sites, including this one, the default courier does not deliver to the UK and so it can seem like they only supply parts of Europe... But if you choose a different courier - usually DHL - it will then give you the option on giving your UK address, etc and it becomes straightforward.

They use PayPal which makes payment, calculation of taxes, etc, easy.

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Should take you to what you want.

Other sites are available and come up if you Google Rotexmedica B12 or similar but only some deliver to the UK.

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Where is the πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Union Jack?


Good question!!

Sorry - because mine is always set to come up in English I thought it was still there but just not visible to me as I was already on the English version but I've checked it in German and can't see it now - it always used to be there!


there were problems last year with the factories in China that manufacture most of the B12 - which lead to shortages and problems further down the supply line. The absense of the product you are looking for may just be a temporary knock on from that and it may be back in the future.

I got caught - as others have and brought the hevert - not quite finished my rotexmedica supplies but starting to think about how I handle the change in volume.


I had this problem too - although I bought without realising 2ml amphoules duh! I filled my normal 1ml syringe, covered bottle with a sterile wipe and used rest next day. Not that I normally do two days running but I was loathe to discard as I have read others doing 😊

Other ideas welcome.


storing and then using an open ampoule isn't something I would recommend others do because of the sterility issues, even if covering with a sterile wipe.

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Gambit62 Does the B12 used by Rotexmedica and Hervert come from China? I had assumed it was from Germany.

Last year Rotexmedica (who specialise in injectable medication) told me that they don't have enough production capacity to produce all their various lines at the same time, so they have to schedule production in batches and sometimes this might cause a temporary shortage.


I'd assumed that the B12 was manufactured in Germany as well but actually it appears that nearly all of the B12 is actually produced in China so companies outside China are actually packing it rather than growing it. Its difficult to tell exactly what 'production' means in the context of B12 as 'production' is quite a wide term.


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