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High active b12


I just had my active b12 test results back from Vitapath. Its come back as 128 which I think is above the max range of 108. Does this mean my body is not using the b12 correctly? I have looked at my genetics and don't recyle b12 well. My standard b12 levels were very high but intrinsic factor was in range.

I have nerve pain, fatigue, pins and needles etc. I also have lyme disease.

Thank you for your help.

128 - Active B12 (HoloTC) (25 - 108) pmol/L

536.- 0Vitamin B12 (Serum) (187.0 - 883.0)

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This forum is strictly about B12 absorption problems rather than genetic variants which affect processing of B12 in your cells - variants that have a significant impact tend to be quite rare.

Active B12 tends to be about 20% of serum B12 which would tend to imply that B12 isn't really the problem.

Are you supplementing B12 at all?


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