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b12 supplement suggestions

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hi all,

i am currently supplementing b12 through b complex effervescent drinks which have about 300% of DRI. to be honest i’m getting a bit sick of it and it’s taken a very long time to raise my levels. therefore i am looking for some suggestions of good supplements,?eg patches, nasal sprays etc. i would also appreciate your experience with them.

many thanks x

EDIT: sorry i should have clarified i do not have an absorption issue and was most likely nitrous oxide induced deficiency :)

b12 b12

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If you have an absorbtion problem , then you will not be able to benefit from oral supplements . I tried patches and sprays also, to no avail, before I got a diagnosis of Pernicious Anaemia, for which B12 injections for life are required .If you have Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms , do go and see your GP . There is a test called the Intrinsic Factor Antibodies test for PA. ( unfortunately unreliable) which you can have . But you certainly need to consult your doctor . There are other reasons for mal absorbtion of B12 , but PA is the most common .

hello! really sorry i should have clarified this is not from absorption issues, but from what i reckon is nitrous oxide induced. doctors are having none off it and put it off as mental issues. *sigh*. however i showed in my previous post suggests otherwise.

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I tried patches , tablets and sublinguals. Patches made a difference in energy levels for a few hours, literally less than a day. Self injecting works perfectly. I started off alternate days until all the neurological symptoms went, then gradually stretch it to once a week. I now s.i. every 6-8 weeks.

Only way to go if you absorption problems.

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The supplements you are taking should be sufficient to build up your B12 levels to where they need to be if you don't have an absorption problem.

Your active B12 level seemed to be okay - and that is affecting B12 that won't have been affected by nitrous oxide.

Was the nitrous oxide use the result of an operation or related to 'recreational' mis-use?

If it was the result of an operation then what follow up has there been on the operation and have you mentioned your symptoms to those who are following up.

If it was recreational mis-use then I would suggest you try talking to your GP.

The symptoms of B12 deficiency overlap with a number of other conditions so you really need to confirm that there isn't something else going on.

High dose supplementing in the absence of an absorption problem isn't something that I would recommend. Your body is adapted to absorb B12 from food - high dose supplementation bypasses this mechanism which is designed to limit the amount of B12 you absorb. Whilst B12 isn't toxic, raising serum B12 levels can cause problems in some people - meaning that they are trapped in needing high levels of serum B12 and hence having to supplement for-ever.

hello thanks for the reply. i’ve explained that i had the symptoms at extreme worst in July, began supplements and tested last week. the fact that it’s above range (not by a huge amount) would suggest it is b12. symptoms have been getting better. but 6 months of supplementing and only a bit of an increase is a bit annoying

so just wanted a quicker solution!

sorry that was unclear. i started supplements in july, tested for active b12 last werk

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