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Anyone have issues with their vision? My eye sight gets blurry at times and my eyes just feel weird and unable to focus correctly. Is this normal B12 BS ?

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I get that quite a lot despite having plenty of B12. For me it is linked to low folate and in some cases magnesium.

For some reason I need a balance of methylfolate and folic acid to top up the folate I get from my diet.

Most people find that if they need B12 jabs they benefit from a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamin D, which you would ideally get from your diet but be aware that you may need additional supplements too.

It would be good to ask for a blood test to work out what might be causing the problem and therefore how to fix it.

I recently found out I’m low magnesium as well and have begun supplements. Maybe that’s is playing into the issue. Thanks for the response

I had this a little. Had to keep blinking to focus properly, I take lots if vitamins now and have improved my diet too so I can’t be sure what factor has helped remove this symptom. I also self inject b12 .

Yes I have sight issues but I know it’s nothing to do with having PA. Please make sure you’ve seen an optician at the very least to rule out any other issues that may be causing your vision problems.

Opticians are still working throughout this latest lockdown.

I've suffered from this for about a year and a half, optician can't find anything wrong (although there are obvious changes in my vision prescription which typically resolves over a few weeks then recurs some time later). GP can find no obvious medical cause.

Nackapan in reply to Curlygal

Yes I've had lots of eye checks. Apparently all healthy. Brain to eye messaging seems tk be the problem. I've been waiting tk see a neuro opthalomogist for over a yesr now!!

Meanwhile have been doing eye exercises. Im told a vestibular disturbance. Om on plenty of b12. Infact sometimes my vision wrong injection day? After ive had it

Curlygal in reply to Nackapan

Honestly I've kind of accepted it as another new thing wrong with me with no answers. My doctors tend to treat me like a hypochondriac as it is and seem to have little interest in investigating the causes of things. Certainly I don't mention B12 to them at all, I just self inject on the downlow.

The only thing I could think of as a possible cause would be medication. I take pregabalin and lansoprazole. At first I thought pregabalin but my dose has stayed the same while the blurriness varies. Then I found out it could be lansoprazole, but if so it would be a rare side effect.

Nackapan in reply to Curlygal

I'm not on medication so cant blame that!!

Hi yes I have had this for some time now - constant blurry vision and difficulty focussing then brief episodes of really strange visual disturbances. These seem to happen when my 3-monthly B12 injection is due, accompanied by dizziness. I had my eyes checked on a good day and my prescription hadn’t changed in three years! I am still waiting for an IF antibody test to check for PA.

mbb323 in reply to mbb323

Ps have just had a positive Covid antibody test - suspected I had the virus in April - so I’m now wondering if long Covid has contributed to some symptoms including brain fog etc as mentioned by an MP in Parliament this week?

Ctadds1 in reply to mbb323

Please let me know how that comes out. I was sick in March with respiratory issues and I too suspect Covid. Maybe we are what they call the Covid “long haulers”.

mbb323 in reply to Ctadds1

Hi yes maybe?? The antibody test was positive and confirmed that I had the virus which I suspected after losing tasteand smell for five weeks last April. I hv had so many different symptoms this year it’s difficult to know the cause - maybe the pernicious anaemia test will provide some answers 🤞🤞


Hi I have a lot of trouble with my vision blurry eyes they won't focus and light sensitive its the kind of feeling you would get when you're about to pass out having trouble just looking at my phone right now it makes me feel anxious the doc says it's all part of the fibromyalgia. I findit easier to sit with my eyes closed most of the time 👍

Before diagnosis of PA I was having brief episodes of double vision which were getting more frequent. Since my 1st b12 injection, almost a year ago, I have had no more episodes of double vision.

mbb323 in reply to jimmel196

Hi Thank you - that makes me more convinced the two are related ?

I have blurred vision a lot. Threading a needle is impossible and reading is difficult, focusing is a problem too. I thought Ibrutinib was the cause. I've been injecting B12 for a few years and haven't had a problem until I started the Ibrutinib. I've been to the optometrist. No new problem found. It's a real bother. Ibrutinib has improved my quality of life greatly so I wouldn't want that to change.

Years ago I developed eye issues with my crohn's disease & still do off & on. I get uveitis that gives me light sensitivity, blurry vision, pain- dilating my pupils relieves the pain & steroid drops. I've learned through the years that when my eyes start bothering me that I have a flare-up coming, it's my body's way of giving me clues & try to pay attention to them now. Unfortunately, crohn's disease has affected all my organs-guts, eyes, skin, liver, pancreas, appendix & gallbladder too. I see an eye specialist that deals with autoimmune diseases.

The quality of my vision is dependent on how bad my Pernicious Anaemia currently is, which makes it really hard to keep an accurate prescription for any length of time. I do suffer from light sensitivity and my phone and tablet screens are on night setting and on the darkest they will go, but still find them too bright. My eyes also 'skit' often i.e. shoot to the side and back again, very annoying. I'm sure I'd need to supplement in lots more things as well as B12 to be able to improve things.

Hi,I get that and I have pa,I have grown used to it now tbh but I know its pa because its not always blurry,b4 I have an injection I can barely read small writing,it improves after I have an injection which at every 2 months is not even close to being enough, But yeah ,I get the vision blur,hope it helps.

Same here. Unfortunately, the onset of mild PA began about my mid40s so it seemed like a symptom of age. Started B12 injections this week. Been taking full spectrum of vitamins for 2.5 months and have noticed some improvement. I figure 6-12 months before I'll know if it is working.

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