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I ordered injectible B 12, liquid Cyano, and my vision has been hazy and blurry the past few days. My last injection was given on Friday, January 11th and today is Friday, January 18th. I've always had sleep problems and only sleep 4 nights a week, like every other day, but it's more pronounced now. I injected 1000 mcg, and I think the dose is too high. Its also not working for my energy levels like the stuff from the hospital. My GP will not give me anymore because my B 12 is 849. But my body uses B 12 faster than it can replenish. What is in this B 12 that are causing these symptoms? I want to keep injecting but feel I need to half the dose. I MUST inject very 14 days or my fatigue (severe) and foggy headedness comes back. I cannot think straight and am confused. But when I inject, all of this clears up. Any advice? What should I tell my GP because he won't give me anymore. There is not getting around this. How do I deal with him?

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is there any history of leber's syndrome in your family. If there is then suggest you stop taking cyano.

Recommend that you get your eyes checked by an optitician just to rule out anything physical.

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fbirder in reply to Gambit62

I agree with Gambit62 .

I would add -

Stop using the cyanocobalamin and buy some hydroxocobalamin from Germany. There are lots of suppliers, here’s mine -

Good idea. I've heard other people say their out at the moment as well in the UK but I'll look into it. Most likely I won't be able to order because hydro is like 5 times more expensive than Cyano even though its better quality

NO lebers. This only started with this batch of B 12 hon. I didn't have this problem with the stuff from the hopstia. It could be a filler or something impure which there is always that risk when you order from outside the country you live, but I don't know what else to do. Thanks hon. 💜💙💕❤

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Gambit62Administrator in reply to dianewilson1900

dianewilson1900, you don't say where you are based.

If you are in the UK/Europe it is relatively easy to source injectable B12 from on-line pharmacies in countries where it isn't prescription only - such as Germany.

If you are based in the US then it can be quite difficult to get hold of hydroxocobalamin.

If you are worried about other substances that are in the B12 then suggest that you try to find out what is included in the brand that your doctor gives you and then compare it to the B12 you have purchased.

I'm in the US and can try to find out what qas I'm the B 12 he gave me, but he probably won't give up the info. He will tell ask me why do I need it and what am I supposed to tell him? So I can compare it to what I've been taking g outside the country? He really won't give me the info then. I agree with your statement but when you order stuff that isn't fda approved here in the US, there could be fillers and impure ingrediants in what you order outside your dwelling country. That is 100% correct and it could be harmful, there is that risk but I have no other way obtain b 12. Maybe Amazon but its not liquid meant for humans. Its for cattle. They have these vapor b 12 sticks you can vape though, but I dont know if they will work. I'll see if there's a way to get the ingrediants with what my hospital have me but short of hacking their website, there is no way to obtain the information...

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Gambit62Administrator in reply to dianewilson1900

vaping B12 - not sure its an effective form of delivery - most forms of bio-accessible B12 are heat sensitive so likely to be degraded by the vaping process.

Do you know what type of B12 you are being given by your doctor? cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin.

Fillers are used in tablets as a way of bulking them out - they are not used in injections.

Injections will contain preservatives though.

If you are near the canadian border then you can visit and source B12 intended for medical treatment from Canada. In the US some people do source injectable B12 from slimming clinics.

I am not based in the US but if you start a thread with US in the title then people may respond with suggestions of sources.

The B 12 I inject is from another country that I ordered. My doctor will not give me any more b 12 from the hospital we partner at. I got it from canada and it doesnt work nearly as well. The dose may be too high or it's just poorer quality because the hospital grade stuff worked wonders. I'm still dragging like a depressed person. I don't sleep or eat for two days sometimes. I always had problems with sleep and lack of appetite its way worse now.I hate life right now

Hi! My vision also gets blurry now and then and I’m injecting cyano 3 times per week. I find it’s when I get dry eyes. For some reason the injections cause my eyes and even my mouth to get dry often. I did t have this problem before. Drops definitely fix my problem. That being said, low vitamin d could be a reason as well.

B12 usually improves eyesight. I’ve been injecting for over 2 years andI had very blurry vision before that. Here in UK Hydroxocobalamin is used, not cyano or methyl as injections so making that change should make the difference as I’ve personally never heard anyone complain of Hydroxocobalamin causing vision problems.

The usual dose is 1ml as per ampule and I also inject every 2 weeks otherwise get problems.

If you need them every 2 weeks I doubt your doctor will prescribe you them but you can order from a German site called Versandapo.

Thank you!

Hi Diane. I'm in the us too and can relate to what you're going through!

I was diagnosed w PA a yr ago & I'm prescribed 1mg cyanocobalamin every 2weeks. 1mg = 1000 mcg so your dosage is correct.

My vision got way worse before it started to get better. I couldn't drive at night, now I can.

I've never ordered b12 online but can tell you I've had to switch pharmacies because they started ordering cheaper cyano!

At 1st I thought it was my imagination but when I read the fine print on the bottles I noticed the new b12 sd "no more than 689 mcg/L aluminum" ... The other one says "no more than 57mcg/L aluminum". I felt terrible after using the cheaper one so idk if it was the aluminum or just poor quality b12 but what I'm getting at is that there are different brands. Some better than others.

My sleep habits used to be like yours too! I would be up for days but now I sleep 5-8 hrs every night! So give it time.

If your Dr won't give you b12, find another one. I know it's hard but it worked for me.

Sorry if I skipped anything

Good luck!

I noticed the new b12 sd "no more than 689 mcg/L aluminum"

We've had this conversation before. From memory...

It doesn't mean that particular formulation contains any aluminium at all. It's just that Californian rules say that they have to measure, and state, the aluminium content of anything injectable (presumably to satisfy the illogical anti-vaxxers). The assay they use to test representative batches cannot detect anything less than 689 mcg/L.

It means that it contains an immeasurably small amount of aluminium.

Just stop.

Best place to go for B12 hydroxocobalamin is Germany all the time.😊

I'm here in the US also. Is it feasible for you to go to another doctor. I guess it depends on your insurance plan. My doctor will give me all the shots I want, no problem.

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