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Facial numbness and vision changes


Does anyone ever get facial numbness and vision issues? Recently diagnosed and taking injections. Just really weird sensations. I also noticed I have some short term memory loss occasionally and not as sharp as I usually am at work.

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Is the facial numbness and vision change on one side and in one eye only?

Yes, I had those symptoms and have been treated with b12 injections for 10 years now.

It took some time, but both immediate and gradual improvement was made.

Gunj_redjem in reply to Lrcjvl

How often do u inject?

Lrcjvl in reply to Gunj_redjem

Once per month after initial loading doses

Yes on my right side but has improved since SI once a month

yep often have the pins and needles in my face and soles of feet. my vision is blurry sometimes, just feels like I have conjunctivitis but I haven't. Don't know if this is B12 related or just allergy?

Yes I have had numbness across my face and vibrations uo my nose and in my jaw. The numbness across my face has improved alot since b12 injections. My nose numbness and jaw continues mainly when noise sensitive and if in company and talk too much . Vision is less blurry now . Initially I needed a high risk prescription. Again this has improved and can now see through my old glasses. I do have other vision problems since b12 defiency that remain at present. There is no way I could be at work so sounds like you doing okay . Hope those symptoms settle and go in time.

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