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B12 stocks?


I've just been on the versandapo.de site, having ordered from there before, to find they are out of stock of B12 for injection. Is this normal, or is there a shortage/people stockpiling before Brexit? I also see that goldpharma.de no longer seems to be working.

Anyone got any other sites that have any B12 in stock? I usual get the Rotexmedica formulation.


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Bodfeld Apotheke has what you are looking for .

Thank you. Was starting to panic for a minute there!

Versandapo are often out of stock.

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Ok ta. Just that I know someone else who said her regular supplier was out recently so wondered if it was a trend.

I ordered mine from Amazon.de

The shortage Is more likely down to the many very dilusional fitness freaks etc who think it helps them lose weight along with giving them loads of extra energy

If only.... how wonderful that would be, all us b12 defectives as skinny as laths. B12 or not loosing weight is about what you stuff in your mouth not inject into your muscles. How I wish it were otherwise.

Think I'm about a stone heavier than when I didn't need B12!! Shame that some muppets feel the need to misuse supplements etc

Sad really 🙄

Hello Rheadster72. Just for info I ordered B12 from Versandapo on 11th and have had an acknowledgement of my order.

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Ok thanks. You must have got the last packet! :-) Still showing as out of stock. Got a couple of jabs worth left so not a major disaster.

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Sorry! I bought two packs if only I’d known I have just had one and left one for you😂. I hope you get some soon. Keep well.

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