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My Active b12 test results


hi all, hope you’re well. as some of you may have been following i’ve been having b12 symptoms for the last few months. i finally got round to an active b12 medichecks blood test. let me just say my blood looked so dark red!!

active b12 - 61.7 pmol/L range - 37.5-188

i know this is within range however i have been supplementing the past few months prior with b vitamin complex effervescents. i stopped supplementing about two weeks before test. therefore. i can only assume my b12 has gone upwards, which would explain why i’m feeling gradually better.

so with these results, should i continue to supplement or go to GP for injections? are these results low enough for symptoms? please not my symptoms are not as bad as they used to be.

much love,

j x

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As the supplements have been helping you I would continue. Any excess b12 is excreted out. So no I wouldnt stop but continue until you feel fully better then review.

The supplements you've been taking have raised your blood B12 to a good level and they're making you feel better. I can't think what injections might do differently.

WilfriedZaha in reply to fbirder

thank u for the reply... do you think 60 is still low enough to cause some symptoms? is it worth going to GP to discuss results or just to continue with my own supplements?

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