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Are my Active B12 Results ok?

Hey everyone :) sorry to bother you all but after battleing crazy symptoms of veritgo, dizziness, feeling faint, cant stand or sit upright for long, headaches, blood pooling etc you name it (being treated for POTS) for around 6 years with no help and im only 24, with loads of normal tests etc iv been looking into vitamin b12. I got an Active B12 test done, normal range is 25.1 - 165.0 and i got 58. Is this ok even though i eat meat everyday?

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hi Leachim. i'm not an expert, but it sounds as though it's at the lower end of the normal range. i'm sure the more experienced/informed subscribers will comment more fully later.

Leachim: as i'm being tested for POTs, i'm wondering what treatment you're on. btw, do u have POTs on it's own or is it secondary to ME/CFS or some other condition? i must say my POTs symptoms are improving with b12 interventions.



im on bisoprolol 2.5 mg a day, it only helps with the crazy tachycardia though so all my other symptoms remain, im not sure about the ME or CFs but i know i dont have EDS or anything like that


My friend D was falling over and she was in her 30s she has so many test then she was told she was low in vitamin so I told her to take B12 1000ug she then felt better. But she still had pains everywhere and her sleep was disturbed because of her constant need to wee in the night. D was then referred to a Consultant and was told she would be alright if she lived in a warm country when she said she lived the the South of France for 5 years and still felt ill there was no response.

Then I asked if she had amalgam filling so she had a mouthfull of mercury. We had a dentist near us who took the filling out and gave her drinks to mop up the heavy metals. She is now a healthy woman.

We should all be taking Vitamin B12 1000ugs to prevent strokes. When we eat meat or fish we have too much Homostyine in our bodies and B12 lowers that.


.... my mouth is full of amalgam fillings, iv just counted and i have 9, 2 of which are being removed on saturday so thats good i guess. Iv come across amalgam problems so many times but im not sure if i can believe it or not :(


One of the Dentist treating my friend D said her filling were fine, however the deinst taking them out new the profound effects that these heavy metals were having on D's body

I hope The Dentist will give you the drink to mop up the heavy metals. There are herbs that will help flush the chemicals from your body

Mercury is found in the brains of babies whose mothers have mercury fillings. They ar now banned by the EU. When you have the fillings removed see what the dentist does with the filling they have to be taken away in a special box


i had a convo with my dentist and he said o yeh they haveto go in a toxic box etc, he seemed like he didnt like them but thats what the NHS provide in england so he has no say in the matter i guess, hmmmm what to dooooo, is there any way i can know if its them causing the symptoms before i get them removed? what if i get them all changed and its not the cause :(


Leah read from people who have had those fillings out and feel well such as myself. I had mine out 20 years ago and none of my family or friends have Amalgam fillings. I paid £2,000 for my friend to have hers removed because she had a young family and could not pay that money herself


Awww that's so nice of u she's lucky to have you. So was u sick before you got amalgams removed. Do you notice any difference with the amalgams removed? or only when you detox?


Yes Leah I felt all my energy level were better and my health is good. My friend D's husband was amazed by the changes in her. However my husband would not take any notice of me and would not get the fillings taken out and he developed alzhiemers which I believe were cause in part by mercury. This heavy metal is so bad for the body why it was ever allowed to be used as fillings. You have so many and I know it expensive to have taken outbut, look on line to see which foods are good to mop up the mercury


I had all my mercury fillings removed because i thought they might have played a part in triggering some of my symptoms. I used to feel sick when I had an amalgam filling. I had some slight improvements after removing amalgams but nothing miraculous.

My dentist has an amalgam free practice but it's private so expensive and as money is running out I will have to go back to NHS at some point. I have read that you need to be very careful when removing amalgams as mercury vapour may be released. I got my dentist to put something around each tooth to stop bits of mercury going down my throat.

There is a British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry.

I also read a book,think it was by an American dentist called

"Mercury Free: The Wisdom Behind the Global Consumer Movement to Ban Silver Dental Fillings" by James Earl Hardy

It was very scary reading.


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