Active B12 Test results -- Help?

I have just had the active B12 Test done with Horizon Medical. Could anybody please help me understand the results?

Active B12 68 pmol/L 25.1 - 165.0


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  • Hi,

    Re:"Active B12 68 pmol/L 25.1 - 165.0", if that result was from the S Thomas/ Via path active B12 test then they would recommend testing MMA as your active B12 is under 70, they use as ref range for inbetween active B12 results recommending MMA:

    Active B12 Reference range:

    >70*; * between 25-70 referred for MMA


    I do not know if the Horizon Medical uses the same recommendations, you could ask them?

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks. I have just emailed them to see if they can test for MMA also. Thank you for your reply

  • I now they can, but its not cheap..sorry!!

  • £175.00 so no not cheap at all :(

  • Its so difficult as you are only just under 70 so could be wasting money, but in the end it could also mean you finally get the right diagnosis and much better if this all was trough your GP, so sad your health is in your own hands and depends on what you can or not pay for..

  • Thanks for your help. I will have a think what to do. I've been feeling unwell for months now and thought B12 could of fit the bill but my doctor isn't the best. In fact our local surgery was recently voted worst in area :(

  • hi. a couple of months ago i checked at our local private hospital - the Nuffield - and the cost for an MMA was £38. do check with your local private hospitals - Nuffield or/and BUPA.

    all good luck

  • Blue Horizon do full PA panel, With MMA , homocysteine (sp) and several other tests relevant to B12. It is around £350 from memory and the results do take a few weeks to come back.

  • Hi, Just been doing some research and have come across a website called medichecks that will do MMA cheaper. But it is a urine test rather than blood. Would this still work? Thanks

  • I read in Sally Pacholok's book urinary mma is better

  • Yes apparently it works fine unless you are in renal failure, Marre.

  • Hi, Do you happen to know what my rights are to getting a copy of my latest blood results from my doctors? I thought I would check what my Serum B12 Levels are before getting the MMA which I had checked at the beginning of April. Have phoned my doctors and they just said they are normal but wouldn't tell me the actual number. Have phoned twice now and they just keep fobbing me off. I've had quite a few tests along with the B12 so wouldn't mind getting a copy of the results as a whole so I can get a better picture of what's going off. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Hi sh2015 ,

    With the new freedom of information act you can see all, unless your GP decides it would be harm full for you, which is very unlikely. Put your request in writing if you are not getting anywhere on the phone,

    Kind regards,


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