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Private Active B12 Testing

My 24 daughter has a low b12 count, 234' doctor has dismissed this as in range. Does anyone know how I can get a private test in UK done for her please. I have UAT and PA with B12 so would her to have accurate test. Many Thanks

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If you do a search for "UK private blood tests" it will throw up several possibilities.

Is your daughter taking any B12 supplements? Taking supplements may affect the results. See links below.




"My 24 daughter has a low b12 count, 234' doctor has dismissed this as in range"

Recent UK articles make it clear that if a patient is symptomatic for B12 deficiency they should be treated even if B12 blood results are normal range. Some Gps may not be aware of these documents/articles...I gave copies to my GPs.



Useful summary points

3)Google "BCSH Cobalamin and Folate guidelines"

These came out in 2014. I was told NHS should be following them. Page 29 has a flowchart that gives recommendations for treatment and diagnosis including when to order an IFA (Intrinsic Factor Antibody) test. I gave a copy of page 29 to my GPs.

useful websites




01656 769 717

They will give info and advice if you ring them but you may need to be a member.


Useful Books

Could it be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses by Sally Pacholok and JJ. Stuart

What You Should Know About Pernicious Anaemia and Vitamin B12 Deficiency by Martyn Hooper


Thank you so much for info I will go through it later. No not supplementing as just found out, she has been poorly mainly exhaustion and other symptoms for quite some time now.


I use medichecks fingerprick testing for standard b12d


Is that an online service and is it an accurate active b12 test.?

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They do lots of testing depends what you actually want. Either finger or go to specific place to have it drawn.

Comes from nottingham if i remember, you just pay over the net and they send out all you need. Really quick and efficient the time i used them.


St Thomas hospital do the active B12 test. You'll need a referral from your GP and I think there's a small charge. There are other hospitals that offer it. There's a Facebook support group (Pernicious anaemia & B12) that give great advice).

Low iron and foliate will also increase the B12 serum levels but the majority of GP's don't recognise this and should treat symptoms rather than B12 levels.


I wasn't too happy with Medicheck, I used their uMMA Test, which I'm sure is fine, but there is nothing written on their page about it, that tells you that it isn't suitable if you have any kidney impairment. As a result, it wasn't an accurate test for me & I just wasted my money. They have ignored my emails too. I have used Blue Horizon for my own daughter & found them to be much better. Things did go wrong as the clinic they sent us to wasn't as geared up to dealing with kids as they had lead Blue Horizon to believe, but they couldn't have been more helpful. The doctor rang our GP & nicely told her off & told her we shouldn't have to pay. As a result our GP organised further testing. We also hit the refund immediately, without having to ask. So a much better experience than Medicheck.

That said, ring your local hospitals phlebotomy department. Also ask for Private Medical. I found out that our local hospital CAN do the more accurate Active B12 test privately & have a private department. They send it away to St Thomases in London, if you live in London, you can go straight there to have it done. Having it done privately this way is much cheaper. £50 here, though I found out that they can also do this test on the NHS too, but needs a Haemotlogist referral.

Good luck


I have just spoken to the Doctors Laboratory. The Active B12 blood test ,(which is also diagnostic for pernicious anaemia, costs £49 but you have to get a letter of referral from your GP. It can be done on the NHS. I have had six plus loading doses up to mid-January but cannot find any information on how long I will have to wait before having this test.


Sorry, I'm confused. If you are having B12 injections already, then there is no reason to have B12 testing as it won't help. You will need jabs for life. That said - I was told it takes 4 months for cells to renew & clear out B12 from blood serum. I presume it's same for cells too


Hello you are looking at the wrong post. It is my daughter who has low B12 count and I would like her to have private active B12 test as doctor will not treat her. I have PA and am on regular jabs. Thank you all for your replies, it really has been helpful 😀

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No surprise there at the moment, not sure if I am on this earth or fullers [blush]

I hope you manage to find answers & treatment, I'm still fighting for myself & daughter, so know your frustration


first of all why do you believe your daughter has b12 deficiency. what is her diet like? any other issues (GI problems?).


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