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Advice on where to source vit b12

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Hi Iv got to the point where I need to do something about my health and wellbeing Iv suffered with extreme tiredness to the point I can sleep 4 hours in the day! Unable to function if I don’t. Iv been on antidepressants for so long to. All my bloods are always clear except once where folate was a little low but dr didn’t want to see me again just gave me some folate tablets I’m thinking b12 jabs will help as I have all the symptoms but drs are not interested in giving vit b12 out for some reason!

So I’m looking to source the vitamin myself and jabs if anyone could advise thanks!

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Exactly what are your symptoms? The symptoms of a B12 deficiency are many and varied, and I doubt many people have ‘all of them’.

What was the result of your B12 blood test (including units and normal range)?

Have you tried Vitamin B12 tablets? If there is a chance you may have low B12 because of diet (not enough meat and/or fish) then that should be your first course of action.

What country are you in? That has a huge bearing on possible sources of injectable B12.

Hi sorry don’t no results of b12 they just said folate was abit low but not a lot, my symptoms are extreme tiredness, brain fog can’t remember anything! Depression, mussel aches, I’m in uk.

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This has been going on since I was about 11 I’m now in my 30’s


I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. Well done on trying to get it sorted.

Unfortunately there are lots of things that have similar symptoms to B12d and it is important to get a full background picture before you start supplementing as any supplements can skew your figures and may prevent the true problem from being diagnosed and hence making it longer to find the cure.

It would be good to go back to the Dr and ask them to test again for B12, folate, vitamin D and iron at least. A full blood count will be useful too and you should have your thyroid function tested. Once you have got these results please post them on here and we will be able to help you further.

It's a good, positive step towards getting you properly better and will be quicker and more effective in the long run.

Gambit62 can you help with this too, please? Your knowledge is much greater than mine.

And you Polaris

Great thankyou for advice just got to hope the drs will give me another blood test

Hi I have blood results back they where all fine as normal I have the results if that helps?

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The symptoms of folate deficiency overlap considerably with those of B12 deficiency as many of the processes that go on in your cells use both B12 and folate so if one is missing then the process won't run properly.

If you are on SSRIs then these can deplete folate levels in some people.

Folate is very responsive to dietary intake so would be worth looking at your diet and seeing if you are getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables. If you are then that could indicate that you have an absorption problem so that would be one line to follow up on.

If you have a repeat B12 test then worth looking at if there has been a significant (>20%) drop in levels - which could indicate an absorption problem.

Starting to supplement B12 now is likely to make things very difficult for getting a diagnosis of an absorption problem.

Also worth looking at whether thyroid levels are okay - generally investigations just look at TSH but if that is rising with time then it could indicate that thyroid is starting to struggle even if it is still within range ... though care would be needed as TSH does vary during the day.

As fbirder says - the symptoms you have described could be anyone of a huge number of things.

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Thankyou gambit62 I think I’m a bit of a mystery, just tired of feeling this way Iv had lots of bloods in the passed but when I call no actions required, in a way I wish it showed something so I could fix it Iv had cbt therapy didn’t make any difference really, but will get an up to date blood test and get the results see if we can work out what is going on thanks everyone really appreciate your help and advice.

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Another reason I was thinking of having a shot as so many people say it gives them a boost that’s why I thought maybe that’s what I need lol I don’t no just want energy.

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Carlz211 in reply to Gambit62

Hi I have results now all came back fine but I do have a print out if you can tell by my results?

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Gambit62Administrator in reply to Carlz211

suggest you start another post - give the relevant results with units and the ranges given on the printout


Well done on getting them.

I suggest you start a new post with your results, including the ranges so others can look too. If you attach a copy of your results rather than typing them out, please obscure your name and Dr's name, etc so you keep your details private.

We'll do our best to help!


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