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2ml ampoules B12 cyanocobalamin

can anyone advise where i can get these online.....the sellers on the German amazon site will not post them to Ireland, so hoping they for sale elsewhere. And can you use 2mls for subcutaneous injections. thanks. J

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Some of the pharmacies who sell on Amazon.de do not ship abroad . But you need to look at the other sellers . I just went online and found 17 sellers of what you want . I’m confident that you will find one that will ship to Ireland . It’s happened to me as well . Just depends which pharmacy pops up first . So don’t get put off . Somewhere on the right hand side you can click to find all sellers of what you are looking for .


thanks so so much.....tried them all but none will ship....not to worry....will keep injecting the 1ml. x. J


You can get them sublingual form. Same effect and cheaper. No need to poke yourself. Don't overdose please.


thanks so much but need to inject.....my understanding is you cannot overdose on B12. ta again. J

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Correct, overdose is unheard of. People being treated for cyanide poisoning are give B12 IV - 5000 times the dose you’re talking about.

And it is likely that you will need injections if you have absorption problems. B12 is too large and hydrophilic to cross biological membranes without help.

I do think you would be better off with the 1 mg in 1 mL hydroxocobalamin. Many German pharmacies ship to the UK, so Ireland should be no problems. If


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