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Should I self inject?


I was diagnosed at the end of May as significantly deficient in B12. I had the typical loading doses which saw some of my symptoms subside. However, after a month I returned to my GP as I was still suffering and struggling. They did a blood test and told me my levels were now 'normal,' basically brushed it off like I was crazy and said I'd have to wait for my next injection in September. My symptoms have worsened again since and I feel like it must be B12 related!!! I'm 23 but feel like I'm in the body of a 90 year old woman. I just want my life back. I'm considering self injecting but I'm clueless. To those who self inject, do you recommend it? How often do you inject? How long did it take to feel better?

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Lots of us self-inject and times between injections seem to vary hugely! I know I've seen posts from people injecting once or twice per day, and others who do it once a month. You could follow the guideline of every other day until no further improvement, then space them out a bit.

Personally, I started every fortnight, but I now inject whenever I feel the need, which is probably about 6-8 days. I inject just when I'm feeling the 'edge' of symptoms - when I am well and gloriously unstressed (this is a rare treat!), I can go a little longer. If I'm busy or a bit under the weather, I need it a bit sooner.

You can't over-do B12. Worst that happens is that you have slightly expensive B12-pee :)

I also self inject and now it's every 4-5 days and to be honest I've never looked back! I've tried to space injections out longer but symptons start creeping back so I just stick with what works for me. Good luck.

First of all, do you have neurological symptoms? These can include numbness, pins and needles and balance problems? If you do, your GP should be treating you as per BNF/NICE guidelines of injections on alternate days until no further improvement, then to continue every 2 months.

The guidelines say not to retest after treatment has commenced as the blood serum result will be high. They should be checking symptoms, not blood.

Have they confirmed the cause of your b12 deficiency? Do you know your b12 result before treatment? Are you taking folic acid or folate and iron to help with absorption of the b12? You need to know your levels first though, particularly with ferritin, the iron stores.

I self inject every other to keep balance problems and swimming head under control. If I miss a day, it affects my walking that quickly. I've now been injecting for 9 months and it's become an easy routine. The fatigue and lethargy hasn't gone as I found out fairly recently that I have Hashimoto's but the neurological symptoms have been so much better.

I started on hydroxo sublingual tablets first to check I was on the right track (methyl b12 didn't help me). I noticed an improvement with the tablets after the first one, then it continued to improve very quickly with the injections.

There's so much really helpful information on here from other posts. It really is worth self injecting as so many GPs are taught so little about b12 deficiency. You do not want to run the risk if you do have neurological symptoms that they become permanent.

I am also b12 deficient. How do you learn to self inject. At the moment I still get injections every other day for neuro problems but drs are wanting me to have longer gaps now. So want to learn to self inject.

Eoperez in reply to B12symptoms

Could you ask the nurses to show you? I mentioned to my nurse and she nearly fell off her chair so hopefully yours are a little more supportive! I just read up lots and then double checked with one of the doctors at work that it was the right place to be injecting. Was scary the first few times but sharp got the hang of it.

B12symptoms in reply to Eoperez

My Dr is supportive and asked a nurse to show me. The problem is she is part time and the main practice drs have said no in case I damage myself. I am due to see neurologist in Oct and he is the one who got me on this route so I intend to push him to help me. I am on holiday for a week and have bought the spray Boost 12 which I am taking with me but not sure if it's the right thing to do.

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