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Where in the body should I self inject


My doctor does not have the nursing staff to give me injections as often as I am supposed to now be having them. He told me under the skin, inject in my tummy and the Nurse would teach me after which supplied with everything from Pharmacy. He is away for an unknown length of time (I am assured it is nothing to do with me and the amount of bombardment he has endured). Unfortunately on the screen it says that I am to self inject muscular, not under the skin. The Nurse has looked through every book, asked other Nurses but cannot find proper advice. She thinks the Thigh, which a Nurse friend of mine agrees with much concern should it be my arm. The Stomach no one seems to know. Weird as the Doctor told me a number of patients had been self injecting. Does anyone know the medically considered correct place to self inject, or where do you do so? Any help please, I would be gratefull, the Nurse is supposed to come back to me the first week of November latest unless I can give her suitable advice. Thank you.

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The stomach is only for subcutaneous injections (SC) with a short needle, which is what I'm doing. For intramuscular injections (IM), which I don't know much about, people seem to use certain portions of the thigh. The arm is also possible but probably impossible to do on yourself.

From what I've read here, either type will work just as well. SC injections are the type diabetics give themselves. For IM, you need to be trained by a medical professional first, as it goes much deeper. The type of needles you need are different if you're doing SC or IM.

Thighs or buttocks- upper outside quadrant for IM

There are a couple good YouTube videos.


as jade_s says injections can be either IM or SC though the licensed treatment in the UK is IM. Your GP was obviously intending Sub-cutaneous if he said the stomach (you can also do SC in the thigh - which I personally prefer.

jade_s in reply to Gambit62

Hi gambit, I'd like to try injecting SC into the thigh but having difficulty pulling up the skin (too much fat!). Which parts of the thigh do you use, and how do you manage to grab and pull up the skin easily? Maybe it's easier for people less 'well-built' than myself LOL?

Gambit62Administrator in reply to jade_s

hope this helps - haven't looked at the videos


jade_s in reply to Gambit62

thanks gambit. I'll have to check out the videos. I did watch one on abdominal injections a while back and it was quite helpful.

Hello everyone, thanks you for all your help. The videos are very good, I think a great idea to go back to when unsure if you think you are doing things right. Good news, Nursey (sorry too much Blackadder) rang this avo and tomorrow (Tues) avo am to spend time with her learning sc in the stomach. As I had Anorexia in my late forties and over the years put weight back on there is plenty of stomach to aim for! I am keeping in touch with the BBC so that they know any progress being made, I think the offer (though turned down) to my doc to go on camera may have helped in his taking more interest, unsure if he is still hiding in the cupboard or not though. I am on the Isle of Wight, the Nurse told me that in our own practice they now have many people that are diagnosed. If I ever get rid of these Dementia like symptoms I would hope to start a Group over here, I am not much use to anyone whilst I am still putting cheese in the cupboard and either beans in the fridge or feeding the cats with them - they love the sauce! Wish I could get to our conferences but my small brain whilst coping with flying to California backwards (new Virgin option) would fall apart on the number of boats/trains etc.California is easy, someone drops me at Virgin checkout and my sister picks me up in LA, and the other way around coming back. Will let you know how I get on with my sc 3 times a week. Take care all, Marcelle

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