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Where to get B12 online to self inject


Could anyone please PM me with details of where to source B12 to self inject online. I just started loading dose via GP indefinitely as I have neurological symptoms, quite bad in my feet and hands. I'm away later in Feb and asked if I could self injection at this time so don't miss doses and they have said no can only have at surgery. Gp said it was down to nurses which I think is rubbish, will try to challenge. Don't want to rise further damage by missing injections so will just have to source and inject myself if I don't get anywhere with GP.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, im not doing it myself yet, but people get the two types of needles, syringes and mediwipes from uk based amazon and go to german amazon(de) for their hydroxo.

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That's great thanks will take a look


Just wondered if it was worth pointing out the financial saving to the practice, to the practice manager, of you being allowed to self inject versus the cost of the nurse/GP doing it.

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FBirder posted this very helpful reply a while ago :

"I get my B12 from - - the site is very similar to, so if you're familiar with that navigation is fairly easy. Otherwise you can open in one window and google translate in the other.

I get my syringes, needles and wipes from

Green needles to draw the solution up into the syringe

Blue needles for the actual injection -

2ml syringes -

Sterile wipes -

I find the ampoules aren't scored (or aren't well scored) so I use these to open them"


Got all the equipment and B12 just waiting for it to turn up. I'm not nervous about doing injection just locating correct spot to inject into.

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