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Hi everyone.

I am having no luck with my GP in getting tested for b12 deff/PA.

I have chronic gastritis & GERD (aftermath from H. Pylore) I have at least 15 symptoms of b12 deficiency (done the symptom list), I have Iron def anemia, enlarged RBC (megaloblastic anemia), low WBC, HC; HTC; RBC....

my b12 was 208 in 2016 just before i became vegeterian (now vegan) so I started to use sublingual sprays....but I don't think it helps :(

My symptoms are getting worse, my blood work looks worse then ever.

I was with my GP yesterday pleading for b12 tests (she did agree to do IF antibodies and nothing else. Now if that comes back negative that will be it. and it is 50:50 that it will)

My question is....has anyone had any luck with GO here in Dublin, Ireland? Private, public, Polish....any that have knowledge on this subject.

When I was in my GP's office she made me feel like I was hypochondriac and was offering me depression or anxiety pills .... she had no interest in anything I was I am on and off on PPI, chronic gastritis, vegan now...use of NO gas ...antibiotics heavy...all are listed as lowering b12....she looked me like I ws making all of this up (I think she is just very knowledgeable, not mean on purpose)

I have been battling this for 7 years (I live in Ireland for 5), my symptoms are only getting bad in the past 2, I really need someone to treat me like a human being and get to the bottom of this.

My last resort is getting my jab in Reviv and doing SI afterwards.

But i am afraid if I have PA that that should really be documented...but no luck so far

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