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PA and Stomach Cancer

Hi all, I've written about my stomach issues, but now it's gotten much worse. Last October I was having some issues with stomach pain, passing some weird things including blood and horrible nightsweats. After a few months, I had a CT scan which wasn't much help. After a while I had some sinus problems and took some left over Amoxiciilan. In a few days, all symptoms were gone and thought that was the end of it.

I'll back track a bit. I was diagnosed with PA last Spring. My b12 was 98 and more surprising was my instrinic factor was really high 98.00(0.0-1.0) I was on daily loading doses then went to one a week. Just recently, I changed it to twice a week. I also take folic acid. I also have megoblastic aneamia(high MCV) and struggle with low rbc and have to supplement with iron. A few weeks ago, the upper left portion of my stomach fell asleep. 3 days ago, the pain started. I now can't eat. 5 to 15 mins after even a small meal and my stomach just kills me. I'm taking prescription Prilosec which helps a bit. I also need to say that over the Last 4 years, I've gone from a healthy 130 pounds to 97 pounds. I can't seem to get docs to be concerned. My clinic has lost all their MD's and have been getting the run around. I don't feel I'm getting good care at all. I recently lost my right leg to bone tumors then osteomyelitis. It's been a horrible time for me and honestly don't think I can handle much more. I'm really scared now knowing in my gut that something is really wrong. Has anyone had pain like this and numbing sensation in the stomach? Any help or advice would be greatly appriciated

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I’m really sorry to hear how unwell you are . I feel I’m not qualified to advise you . But one thing sprang out at me —- you have Pernicious Anaemia which means that you have low or no stomach acid ( the PA anti bodies destroy the pareital cells in the stomach that produce Intrinsic Factor AND stomach acid ) You are taking Prilosec which will totally annihilate any stomach acid that you have . You need stomach acid to help you to absorb all minerals and vitamins . When I was first diagnosed with PA I had horrible stomach problems , and it was during a visit to a gastroenterologist that he told me that PA patients had low/no stomach acid , but that there was no treatment . So I referred to alternative medical practitioners , and took a very good probiotic to help to restore good stomach flora which had been totally upset by no stomach acid which enables bad bacteria to take over - giving rise to stomach pain , nausea etc I used something horribly expensive called Symprove . it was marvellous . I now make my own probiotic in the form of raw organic sauerkraut . In the U.K. it’s not possible to have a test for stomach acid . Many stomach problems come from low / no stomach acid Hypochlorhydria / Achlorhydria . They are often treated with PPIs ( proton pump inhibitors ) which are the worst things possible . But PPIs make billions for the Pharmaceutical industry . I have no more stomach problems I am happy to say .

Some PA patients take other remedies like pepsin with Hydrochloric acid . I didn’t dare do that (.Swanson Amazon)

I don’t know if this has helped you at all . But I hope that you have some more advice from others . Very best wishes to you .


Thank you for your help. When you had stomach pain, did you ever have a weird feeling outside of your stomach almost like a numb feeling?


No I didn’t . Awful pain was the worst thing . Used to have to lie down till it went away — usually about 20minutes . It occurred after I had I eaten something . Terrible bloating also . Nauseous “burping” .I suppose my food was fermenting due to the action of the bad bacteria which had taken over my stomach . But GPs here in the U.K. seem to know nothing about this . They prescribe ant-acids and PPIs at the drop of a hat .My GP told me to take Gaveson, which is a powerful antacid . Of course I didn’t . Many PA patients will drink something acidic like organic apple cider vinegar, diluted , before a meal . One member here swears by lime juice . Swedish bitters have been recommended . I must say that I hardly ever have a problem now. If it starts to rear it’s ugly head, I take an extra dose of something probiotic

You say that you still have megaloblastic anaemia. It should be corrected by the B12 injections and folic acid supplementation . But it’s perhaps early days yet . But it should disappear eventually .


wedgewood has given you good advice, it worked for me.

I too had stomach problems, indigestion, reflux and stomach problems. Someone at the chemist asked to do a review of my medicines and suggested taking probiotics. The brand I took didn't do much good but when I came on here and heard about Symprove, it worked.

I have, since Christmas, had to take 2 courses of antibiotics and my stomach is playing up again. Today I ordered more Symprove. If you do order - the Original does not taste very nice, but the mango and passionfruit tastes good.

I had read that sauerkraut (raw, organic) is the best probiotic of all but I don't have the energy to make it.


Thank you so much for your help. I will check into the probiotic. I was wondering if you had an odd sensation outside of your stomach almost feels like numbess?


No not numbness, (my legs are) but bloated and uncomfortable although I haven't eaten. This always happens after antibiotics.


You can also try apple cider vinegar pills for the low stomach acid. It worked wonders for me.


hi Ce6771, where do you get apple cider vinegar pills? whats the name? shall v find in amazon? i live in spain n eager to know. i also hv all the stomach problems due to PA/Atrophic Gastrititis n having high Gastrin(>1000). so really worried. thnx


Thank you. The Apple cider pills work for low acid/lack of instrinic factor? There's a health food place in town. I'll check it out


Yes, I have both and it worked wonders for me. I buy my pills at GNC.


Oh wow, I came on here to see if there was a connection with low acid & B12 defincency (I have PA), as I’ve suffering with m stomach for years, dr put me on omeprazole after I had a gastroscopy as had a Hyatus hernia, my stomach problem since went from bad to worse. Everything I eat I’d then bloat and then have gas, I was so uncomfortable constantly, couldn’t even enjoy a glass of wine. Acid indigestion always reared it’s ugly head, and drs always said I had high acid. Reading this, I see it’s more likely I have low acid & I need to stop taking my daily omeprazole tablet pronto.

If Just ordered symprove, I’m excited to give this a go, any other advice?


Hope it works, it did/does for me. Let us know how you get on.


First week, and I’m feeling odd, well stomach is, feeling bloated & gassy & like I’ve just drank pint of vinegar hahaha

I’m sticking with it, did anyone else feel like this on the first week? I’m hoping this means it’s working it’s magic in my stomach.

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End of first week of Symprove (A repeat lot - because I have had 2 lots of antibiotics and steroids since Christmas) the indigestion and gas have stopped, but stomach still feels larger than usual.


I had my first lot of b12 loading doses last Dec17,(low leval 169) and did feel a lot more energetic until 4 weeks later I was tested for folate (3). which was low, given 5mg folate acid, but within a few days my IBS blew up but I persevered for 3 weeks, but got so fed up with feeling sick and bloated all day,(even my mebeverine) didn't help. So stopped folic within a few days stomach settled. Reading an article on here I started taking a probiotic Lindens High strength, it had very good reviews, 3 weeks on I'm feeling a lot better.

Had my 1st boost injection 4 days ago, 10 weeks after loading dose,2 weeks early as I started feeling grotty Dr Dr said it could be 2 monthly now, I have learnt so much from reading things on this and pa sites, I'm beginning to feel as tho I know more than my Dr, but she is getting better, .now I'm waiting for my neuropathy symptons to go, I do have a couple of days clear then it comes back. Clive gives me hope that over time my body will repair itself.and yes I'm starting to get there. I do hope you will start to feel better with your stomach, as I know what your going through.I also have reflux and take omeprazole daily but hoping after I have made my stomach healthy, will be able to stop them, I am also starting to take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to put my acid levels back to normal,but was interested in the capsules someone mentioned. Reading up on questions and answers on these sites is so helpful,you realise you arnt alone dealing with B12 and pa, they are a godsend, hope all the info on this site has helped you..good luck wow23



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