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Credit card to buy B12 in euros


Hope I am allowed to post this as it is not a recommendation, only for information, if not will the admin please delete.

For anyone interested if you you apply for and obtain the Halifax Clarity credit card before 31 August 2018 there is a £20 cashback on the first transaction made in a foreign currency by 30th September 2018.

I have nothing to do with Halifax or financial advice but thought it might be useful information for fellow forum members. I will find out if it works as I will be using it to purchase B12 from Versandapo. If it works it's a bonus for me, otherwise I have a card I can use for purchases in foreign currency as currently they don't charge a non sterling transaction fee which my current credit card does.

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I use PayPal and found it easy enough to set up even when my mind didn't work after a helpful message from someone on the Facebook PA/B12 deficiency support group.

I used the credit card via the pay pal guest option. The bonus will be the £20 cash back which will reduce the cost.

😎 Thank you for the heads up on that one!

I agree with deniseinmilden, buy online with the security of PayPal. If there was a problem ,I always got my money back.

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