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looking at buying b12... but which sort?


I've had my 6 injections and have felt good for 4 weeks but started feeling very rough again with 8weeks to go until my first 3monthly. Looking at where to get b12 from as an intermediate solution, but not sure what to get as of my 6 injections, 2 were hydroxocobalamin and 4 were Neo-Cytamen? I was thinking of hydroxo but does it matter which brand? Just considering SI at the moment in case I don't get any better over the next week. Many thanks :)

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It doesn’t really matter which brand , but many people chose Rotexmedica B12 depot which is Hydroxocobalamin 1mg x 1ml or Hevert B12 depot which is Hydroxocobalamin 1mg x 2ml . These are both widely available from German online pharmacies . I like 1mg x 1ml because there is less to inject . There are a few sources e.g. versandapo. de ( but you need to translate from German ) mycare.de has a site in English but the shipping is expensive . Bodfeld apotheke.de also needs translation . Amazon.de has an English site . It’s good to shop around as prices do vary . It is very economical to buy in packs of 100 . The use by date is always at least 2 years ahead . Hope this helps

PS the cheapest today was versandapo.de where 100 ampoules cost €54.79(20%discount) plus €9.00 shipping by courier to U.K. .It might well go out of stock at this price , but you can be informed by email when it’s back in , if you tick the appropriate box .

Many thanks wedgewood that's helpful... looking at the boxes of 100, how long is the lifetime of the b12? As in, it would probably take me 2 years to use them all so don't want to buy so many if they will go out of date!! thank you :)

Oh sorry just seen you did say!! Reading too fast :D thanks again

Just found out that Bodfeldapotheke.de is selling 100 Rotexmedica B12 depot for €46.78 It is in stock .(32%discount ) 10 cost €5.74

brilliant thank you! feel a bit dizzy at the thought of injecting myself but... I will do anything to be in control of my health. Ordered!

Exactly how I felt almost 3 years ago . It’s just routine now .

It’s is just great to be in charge yourself , after being messed about by GPs , all the time my symptoms were getting worse . It has changed my life .

So many people giving the advise here that I follow myself! I SI every month as I get only 1 injection from GP every 3 month now and that isn’t doing it for me. Sometimes I can’t make it 4 weeks when I had too much on, then I SI after 3 weeks. I bought mine from Germany as advised by many on this site and keep them in Tupperware boxes in fridge, they keep a long time. I take 1 ampoule out of fridge half an hour before use to warm up to body temperature carrying it somewhere on my body. That way injecting doesn’t sting. I manage myself quite well this way and have as normal a life as can be expected. Regular bloodtest to keep the other vitamins and mineral in check and supplement accordingly when needed. I hope you find the courage to help yourself or ask doctor’s surgery to teach you how it is done. I sometimes get a private intramuscular injection when I am out of country( so 1 month 1 intramuscular injection, then 2 month 1 SI injection a month to cover the 3 month period) . We all have to find what is working for us and what fits the budget. I wish you well.

Hi I want to order some b12 but I dont speak read German. How do you translate the sites?

I used Chrome on my laptop which asks me if I want to translate the page... it could be some kind of add-in but don't think I've installed anything specially for it, Chrome just seems to have always done that for me. Hope that helps!

Also I've read on here somewhere that if you type '/en' after the web address it will take you to an English version. May not work with all sites.

Thanks yellowkangaroo. The /en unfortunately didnt work....lol.

Am on an iPad. Lol...

in reply to waveylines

I think you can use Google Translate:


Choose the languages. Put the URL into left side, click on URL in right side.

Thanks Helvelle -yes indeed! thankyou just done it. Downloaded the app Google chrome & set the translation option up. Thankyou thankyou!! 😊😊

Ended up ordering from mycare.de. Google chrome only partially translated on othersites & when it came to the purchasing section it was all in german. Couldnt cope having no knowledge of german at all. Cost me more but hey ho what counts is getting the b12 vials! Given up on nhs...

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