Buying b12 over the counter in USA?

Hi everyone,

I usually buy hydroxocobalamin online from Goldpharma to top up the injections I get from GP.

I'm going to america on holiday next month. Does anyone know if you can buy hydroxocobalamin over the counter, without a prescription in USA?

Had a quick search online, but can't find any info about this. Hoping to bring some back with me if I can do this.


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  • you need a prescription in america

  • jillc39 is correct. No injectable forms of B12 are available without a prescription in the US. Also, cyanocobalamin is the version that is most commonly prescribed over here, so even if you get a prescription you might have a little trouble finding a pharmacy that carries hydroxocobalamin. Sorry. :(

  • Thanks for the replies jillc39 and Galixie.

    Ah well, Goldpharma it is then!

  • You might also want to think about contacting your travel agent to find out if there would be any restrictions on taking the ampoules on a plane to US - suspect there may be.

  • Strawberry ,the answer is no you have to have a prescription for the B12.

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