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Private blood test revealed low folate & Vitamin D, could do with some advice



I recently posted about feeling symptomatic despite receiving my B12 injections on a 6-weekly basis. I decided to get a blood test done privately which included comprehensive thyroid testing plus Vit D, Ferritin etc.

It turns out that my B12 is normal as you would expect, but I have low Folate levels, insufficient Vit D, and raised CRP. Not sure what the cause of the latter could be, but I have had a lot of trouble with bladder infections over the last couple of years, and a private urine test I had done a few months revealed the presence of bacteria though I was not symptomatic, so perhaps it is related to this. I did tell my GP and Urologist about this, but they dismissed it.

Anyway, I was just wondering whether anyone could please help with the folate and maybe Vit D deficiencies? I have an appointment with my GP on Thursday so will take my results along with me, but I have a feeling I might have to sort this out myself, or further supplement anything she may prescribe.

Glad I got the test done now after years of being told "your bloods are normal, bye" and not receiving any further input!

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CRP levels can be raised by many things, including infections.

You need to take supplements for both folate and Vitmain D.

For both I would visit the supermarket and get tablets from there and follow instructions on the packet.

Low vitamin d symptoms are greatly underestimated by docs! Vitamin D is more of a hormone, really and needs co-factors to feel the real benefit. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits too. If you Google the vitamin D council it will state how much you need to supplement by. You may need loading doses first, then a maintenance dose (even through summer). It is my belief that once you have become deficient in vitamin D you may have to always supplement.

I take 2000 units a day in summer and around 8000 in winter along with vitamin K2, also known as MK7 as this directs calcium to the bones. Hope this helps.

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I just saw my GP this morning (I think she felt a bit bad about the fact that I have these deficiencies despite complaining about feeling tired etc) who said the same about requiring a permanent maintenance dose after the initial loading doses. She also said that it's not commonly tested for on the NHS, and in fact they practically have to beg for it if they suspect a deficiency, which doesn't seem likely in the first place anyway! She has prescribed Folate and Vitamin D supplements which is good. Hopefully I'll begin to feel a bit better once my levels start picking up. I'm glad that I got the blood test done now as otherwise I would have just carried on like this.

Interestingly, she also said that most of her patients with PA would have much higher B12 levels than I do, assuming they receive regular injections - potentially over a 1000 - so I clearly do need my B12 jabs as often as I get them.

Thanks for the advice and recommendation about the Vitamin D Council. I've had a look at their website (which I didn't know existed until yesterday!), it's a really helpful source of information. Thanks for the tip re Vit K2, too, I'll pick some up. I had a spinal fusion last year so need to make sure my bone health is good for that as well just in general.

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