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Advice on self-injecting



Further to my recent post regarding GP refusing regular B12 injections, I have decided to self-inject going forward. Is anyone able to provide me with advice about this please? I plan to inject once every three months. I have always been prescribed Hydroxocobalamin 1mg in 1ml solution for injection (for intramuscular use). Each ml contains 1.04mg hydroxocobalamin acetate (equivalent to 1mg hydroxocobalamin). Also contains sodium chloride, acetic acid and/or sodium hydroxide and water for injections. This works for me and I would like to continue with the same product/formulation. Is this possible? I am based in the UK. Please can I also have advice about needles/needle size? And how and where to inject? Plus, anything else that I should know? My plan is not to have any injections from my GP – I would be grateful for advice regarding any adverse issues that might arise from this? Many thanks.

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There will be several helpful posts over on the right-hand side ‘related posts’. Here’s one

pas250218 in reply to fbirder

Thanks fbirder I'm working my way through them now.

I use a drawing up needle 18G after breaking ampule, stops you getting blunt needle when injecting

then inject with 23G

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